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Venice Simplon Orient-Express. London-Paris-Venice.

Vintage poster by Pierre Fix Masseau for the restoration of the mythic "Orient-Express" in 1981.Pierre Fix-Masseau (1905-1994) is a French poster artist, son of...

Highest Bid:
$250 / ≈ €238

BidAsk spread: $300 - $450

Publisher: FIX MASSEAU, P.
Date: Paris, ca. 1981

1 bid  


Poster made for Hungarian Tourist association. The uncommon Dutch version of this fine poster to promote Hungary in the 1930's. Arisztid Uher was a graphic designer. He d...

Highest Bid:
$200 / ≈ €190

BidAsk spread: $250 - $400

Publisher: UHER, A.
Date: Budapest, KLOSZ / Sohn., ca. 1930

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Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes. Paquebots Poste Français, Australie, Océan Indien, Indo-Chine, Méditérannée, Brésil & Plata. (Annam boat)

Original lithographed poster created by the artist Abel Brun for Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes, showing a vessel named Annam. Printed by Eugene Marx & Cie., Par...

Highest Bid:
$150 / ≈ €143

BidAsk spread: $200 - $250

Date: Paris, ca. 1893

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Decorative poster advertising flights to Italy for AirFrance made by Georges Mathieu. The poster is one of a series of 15 composed of posters of Greece, Israel, Germany, ...

Highest Bid:
$3 / ≈ €3

BidAsk spread: $80 - $150

Date: Paris, 1967

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Le tour du monde en 120 images, grand concours du Chocolat Menier.

Pictorial map of the world centered on the Pacific with a route around the globe, starting and finishing in Paris. The map features 120 images of explorers, plants, anima...

BidAsk spread: $550 - $750

Publisher: JANNOT, J.B
Date: Paris, 1956


Stamp it out.

colorful 'Keep Alert" poster by Leonard Cusden (1950s), made for the "The Royal Society For The Prevention of Accidents" in London.Leonard Cusden (1928-193...

BidAsk spread: $120 - $200

Publisher: CUSDEN, L.
Date: London, ca. 1955


For European Prosperity.

Marshall Plan poster, 5th price winner by Wladimir Flem, a Russian poster artist born in St. Petersburg in 1910. This is one of the 25 finalists in the 1950 “Intra-Euro...

Highest Bid:
$1 / ≈ €1

BidAsk spread: $150 - $250

Date: Kühn & Zoon Rotterdam, 1950

1 bid  

Prosperity - The Fruit of Cooperation.

NATO poster for European Cooperation by Brian E. Dear. On the poster the slogan "Prosperity the fruit of cooperation".The poster is showing a hand holding an ap...

Highest Bid:
$1 / ≈ €1

BidAsk spread: $350 - $500

Publisher: DEAR, B.
Date: Kühn & Zoon Rotterdam, 1950

1 bid  

Renault Savane 1951 L. La nouvelle voiture mixte 6 / 7 places 800 kg moteur

Original advertising poster for the French car brand Renault, printed by Barreau.Read more about Poster History [+]

BidAsk spread: $600 - $900

Publisher: MORIN. L
Date: Paris, 1951


AIR France - Sur les ailes d'Air France découvrez le monde à votre tour.

Promotional poster of a double hemisphere world map designed by Lucien Boucher for AIR France. The map depicts the entire world in rich blues and burgundies with gold hig...

Highest Bid:
$1 / ≈ €1

BidAsk spread: $500 - $800

Publisher: BOUCHER, L.
Date: Perceval, Paris, 1952

1 bid