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[Russian poster] CCCP Homeland cosmonautics

Russian propaganda poster about the Russian supremacy in space, designed by the artists M. Gornyak and N. Shubina. Text upper left corner translation: "The Cosmos fo...

Estimate: $500 - $750
$750 / ≈ €652

Date: Moscow, 1985


Large 13-person library (from Huxian Farmers' painting Exhibition)

A library with students with a western world map at the wall. Published by Shanghai renmin chubanshe (上海人民出&#29...

Estimate: $175 - $200
$200 / ≈ €174

Date: Shanghai, September, 1974 / Janury 1975


Marshall Hjälpen.

Marshall Plan poster made by Gusta Aberg, showing barbed wire cut by pliers with slogan on pliers: Marshall Hjälpen This is one of the 25 finalists in the 1950 “Intra-...

Estimate: $180 - $230
$230 / ≈ €200

Publisher: ABERG, G.
Date: Kühn & Zoon Rotterdam, 1950


[Anti capitalism Soviet Union propaganda poster]

Propaganda mini anti-capitalism poster published in Russia during The Cold War. By the 1960’s and 1970’s, outrageous practices in Soviet bureaucracy flourished. Poor ...

Estimate: $60 - $80
$80 / ≈ €70

Date: Leningrad, 1974


Cyclistes prenez Becane Liqueur Aperitive Tonique Reconstituante

Rare original lithographed poster made for the brand Becane. The poster is depicting a cycling race. At the top, forming a frieze, the peloton of cyclists turns on the tr...

Estimate: $3200 - $4000
$4000 / ≈ €3477

Publisher: VUILLARD, E.
Date: Paris, 1894


Air France Rayonne sur le monde.

Advertising poster from Air France, the french airline company. The poster has always occupied a special place in Air France's communication. With a heritage of more than...

Estimate: $1100 - $1400
$1400 / ≈ €1217

Publisher: MAURUS.
Date: Imprimerie Goosens, Paris, ca. 1940-1950


CCCP/USA, 1966

Original 1968 Cold War Superman Style Poster by Roman Cieslewicz (1930-1996).  Published by Georges Fall, Paris. Printed by Serg, Paris.In 1968 the Parisian left-wing ar...

Estimate: $500 - $600
$600 / ≈ €522

Publisher: CIESLEWICZ, R.
Date: Serg, Paris, 1968


(Publicity.) Thé Lyons. Renommé pur son Arome.

Original chromo lithography in-store display for Lyon's tea in Belgium and France. In 1902 the Lyons family started their little tea business on High Street in Dublin, ne...

Estimate: $70 - $90
$100 / ≈ €87

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Paris, ca. 1935


(Publicity poster) Amer Besset Sans Rival.

Original chromo lithographed in-store display for alcoholic drink Amer Besset. Printed by Joseph-Charles in Paris.

Estimate: $50 - $90
$100 / ≈ €87

Date: Paris, ca.1933


(Publicity) Domaine Eckau comte de Pahlen. - La premiére et la plus ancienne marque de kummel.

Original chromo lithography of an in-store display for a liqueur from the "Domaine Eckau" (KummcI) in Russia. The "Domaine Eckau" liqueur was made acc...

Estimate: $60 - $90
$100 / ≈ €87

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Paris, 1930