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Cyclistes prenez Becane Liqueur Aperitive Tonique Reconstituante

Rare original lithographed poster made for the brand Becane. The poster is depicting a cycling race. At the top, forming a frieze, the peloton of cyclists turns on the tr...

Estimate: $3200 - $4000
$4000 / ≈ €3477

Publisher: VUILLARD, E.
Date: Paris, 1894


Ville de Nimes - Concours hippique - 16, 17, 18 Juin 1895.

Belle époque original chromo lithographed poster published by A. Gautherin & J. Berndard. Together with a text panel giving information's about an Concours Hippique ...

Estimate: $3200 - $4000
$4000 / ≈ €3477

Publisher: PAL (Jean de Paleologue)
Date: Paris, Nimes, 1895/1896


Eadem Aurantia Dimidiata.

Decorative engraving representing a citrus fruit. Taken from the book "Hesperides sive de malorum aureorum" by Giovan Battista Ferrari (Italian botanist, 1584-1...

Estimate: $240 - $275
$275 / ≈ €239

Publisher: FERRARI, G. B.
Date: Rome, Scheus, 1646


Teatro della guerra nelle Flandre Austriache e Francesi. . .

Rare folio-sized map of Belgium by Antonio Zatta e Figli, from a never-finished atlas by the ‘Società Calcografia’, a partnership of the two main Venetian publishers...

Estimate: $350 - $400
$400 / ≈ €348

Date: Venise, 1803


Les Messageries Maritimes font le tour du monde.

Original lithographed poster created by the artist Robert Louis Antral for Les Messageries Maritimes, showing a boat and a globe. Les Messageries Maritimes Company (MM) i...

Estimate: $1000 - $1300
$1300 / ≈ €1130

Date: Paris, 1955


Certificat de vaccination régulière, N°61 (Certificate of regular vaccination).

Certificate of regular vaccination against smallpox, issued by a Doctor of Philosophy and Medicine in the "Département de la Manche" (Normandy).Smallpox vaccin...

Estimate: $200 - $300
$300 / ≈ €261

Publisher: Royaume de France.
Date: 16th May, 1818


Carte de la Tartarie Orientale pour Servir a l'Histoire Generale des Voyages, Tiree des Cartes Levees par les P.P. Jesuites...

This map covers the eastern part of Tartary with part of present-day Manchuria and Sakhalin Island. The map was based primarily on Jesuit and English sources and is parti...

Estimate: $30 - $50
$80 / ≈ €70

Publisher: BELLIN, J.N.
Date: Paris, 1750


AIR France - Réseau Aérien Mondial.

Original pictorial lithograph advertising planisphere poster from AIR France. The poster has a black back ground. In the lower right below the border '016/P/AF Printed in...

Estimate: $1700 - $2000
$2000 / ≈ €1738

Publisher: BOUCHER, L.
Date: Imprimerie Perceval, Paris, ca. 1950


[Anti capitalism Soviet Union propaganda poster]

Propaganda mini anti-capitalism poster published in Russia during The Cold War. By the 1960’s and 1970’s, outrageous practices in Soviet bureaucracy flourished. Poor ...

Estimate: $60 - $80
$80 / ≈ €70

Date: Leningrad, 1974


Advertising project gouache for tobacco.

A stunning collection of 20 original square and rectangular decorative commercial designs for the Tabaco industries in gouache and watercolor by the artist and graphic de...

Estimate: $12000 - $15000
$15000 / ≈ €13038

Publisher: PICHON, R. (Workshop).
Date: Paris, ca. 1930