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[Title page to 'Landtaflen. Hierinn findst du lieber Läser schöner recht und wolgemachter Landtaflen XII...']

Title page with wood cut device to "Landtaflen. Hierinn findst du lieber Läser schöner recht und wolgemachter Landtaflen XII namlich ein Allgemeine Europae demnach...

Starting Bid: $80

Publisher: STUMPF, J.
Date: Zurich, Christoffel Froschover, 1566


Spectandum dedit Ortelius mortalib. Orbem, Orbi spectandum Galleus Ortelium. Papins.

This famous portrait, engraved by Galle, was included in Ortelius' atlases from 1579 onwards.The title translation is By looking, Ortelius gave to mortal beings the world...

Starting Bid: $300

Publisher: ORTELIUS, A.
Date: Antwerp, 1612


[Title Page] Petri Kaerii Germania Inferior.

Highly decorative title page of the first edition of the atlas of the XVII provinces. Decorative title page with the coat of arms of all regions and various allegorical ...

Starting Bid: $280

Publisher: KAERIUS, Petrus / KEERE, Pieter van der
Date: Amsterdam, 1617


[Title page] Premiere partie Les plans et profilz de toutes les principales villes et lieux considerables de France . . .

Title page from "Premiere partie Les plans et profilz de toutes les principales villes et lieux considerables de France . . ." In lower left corner a little cir...

Starting Bid: $40

BidAsk spread:
$50 - $75

Publisher: TASSIN, N.
Date: Paris, 1634


(Title page) Topographia Sueviae dasist . . .

Title page from Casper Merian's Topographia Sueviae. . ..

Highest Bid:
$20 / ≈ €19
Publisher: MERIAN, C.
Date: Frankfurt, 1643

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Title page from Theatrum Orbis Terrarum sive Atlas Novus Partis Prime Pars Altera.

Attractive title page of Blaeu's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. The title is printed on a paste-on slip.Decorative and finely engraved architectural façade with figures. Some ...

Highest Bid:
$200 / ≈ €188
Publisher: BLAEU, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1645

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Joannis Janssonii Novus Atlas, sive Theatrum Orbis Terrarum: in quo Orbis Antiquus. . .

A glorious mid-seventeenth century engraved frontispieces to atlas by Janssonius. Finely decorated with a pair of terrestrial (bottom) and celestial (top) globes and the ...

Starting Bid: $176

BidAsk spread:
$220 - $350

Publisher: JANSSONIUS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1650


Psyches et Amoris nuptiae ac fabula a Raphaele (Title Page)

Fine copper engraved frontispiece by Nicolas Dorigny from "LOGGIA DI PSYCHE", was published in Rome in 1693.This engraving reproduces the frescoes by Raphael on...

Highest Bid:
$75 / ≈ €71
Publisher: DORIGNY, N.
Date: Rome, 1693

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[Title page] Atlas par Jaques Peeters sur le Marche des Vieus Soulies aux Quatre partie du Monde.

Small title page. Engraved by Jacob Harrewijn. In forground four woman symbolizing the 4 continents and in back Atlas holding the globe.

Starting Bid: $40

BidAsk spread:
$50 - $100

Publisher: PEETERS, J.
Date: Antwerp, 1695


[Title Page] Atlas novus terrarum orbis imperia ...

Full title: 'Atlas novus terrarum orbis imperia regna et status exactis tabulis geographice demonstrans' in a cartouche at bottom. Also impressum: 'Opera Iohannis Baptist...

Starting Bid: $176

Publisher: HOMANN, Johan Baptist, after LUYCKEN, Caspar
Date: Nuremberg, ca. 1720


[Title page for ] Grosser Atlas with inset of North Pole projection map.

Title page from Grosser Atlas printed by Johann Ernst Udelbulner. Printed in red and black, with a map of the North Pole in lower part.Johann Baptist Homann born in Kamml...

Starting Bid: $100

BidAsk spread:
$150 - $175

Publisher: HOMANN, J.B.
Date: Nuremberg, 1731


[Title page] Atlas.

Highly decorative title page, from Homann’s "Atlas Novus" engraved by Caspar Luycken. It shows in the middle, the globe focused on Europe and Africa, extensiv...

Starting Bid: $200

Publisher: HOMANN, J. B.
Date: Nurenberg, 1748