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[Goose game board] Le 1914 Edition pochette.

Goose game in the form of a folding map of north of France and Belgium, with part of England, Germany, Holland and Luxembourg.

Starting Bid: $160

BidAsk spread:
$200 - $450

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Paris, 1914


Championnat international de natation.

Uncut sheet for a game for kids " Championnat international de natation.".

Starting Bid: $136

BidAsk spread:
$170 - $250

Date: Saussine, Paris, 1900


[Goose game board] Giuoco dell'Oca.

An Italian Goose game prepared by Adriano Salani. The board is made up of 63 squares, arranged in a counterclockwise spiral. In the corners, amusing scenes: above, a man ...

Starting Bid: $45

BidAsk spread:
$75 - $100

Publisher: SALANI, A.
Date: Florence, ca. 1930


Vue Perspective de L'Entrée du Parc du Prince de Manheim en Allemagne.

A perspective view of the Royal Park in Manheim by Basset, a well-known publisher of optical prints, established in rue St.Jacques in Paris. In the eighteenth and ninetee...

Starting Bid: $1

BidAsk spread:
$1 - $220

Publisher: CHEZ BASSET.
Date: Paris, 1780


Glocken u. Hammer ein Gesellschafts = Spiel mit besondere Würfel.

A rare and early edition of this popular game, made around 1830. Five copper engravings on card in slipcase with title label. Six (of 8) bones cube in a wooden box.

Starting Bid: $120

BidAsk spread:
$150 - $220

Publisher: ANONYMOUS.
Date: Unknown, ca. 1830


Sphaera Armillaris / Instrumentum artificiale Orrery ab inventore appellatum

Print showing two cartographic instruments: an armillary sphere and an instrument called Orrery by its inventor.Names of both in pennants above them. Descriptions of both...

Starting Bid: $320

BidAsk spread:
$400 - $575

Publisher: VINDEL, August, after LOTTER, Tobias Conrad
Date: Augsburg, 1774