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Ventorum Index Figur des See-Compass... [on sheet with] Vocabulorum Geographicorum Topica Significatio...

A very unusual, striking engraving featuring a magnificent 32-point compass rose or wind rose, paired on the same page with a map of an invented coastline used to illu...

Highest Bid:
$275 / ≈ €261

BidAsk spread: $390 - $440

Publisher: BUSSEMACHER, Johann
Date: Köln, 1600

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Nouveau jeu des théatres de Melpomene, Momus et Thalie.

Game board with 63 numbered pictorial compartments, each showing an actor or actress in role, lettered with his or her name, the name of the character, the play and the t...

Highest Bid:
$300 / ≈ €285

BidAsk spread: $400 - $600

Publisher: COCHIN, N. / BASSET.
Date: Paris, ca. 1810

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Il cacciatore - Giuoco Dilettevole.

Game of the Goose with 63 numbered boxes, rules in the lower margin. In this game more players can play and a prismatic die is used with 14 numbers. Whoever goes to the 2...

Highest Bid:
$100 / ≈ €95

BidAsk spread: $150 - $200

Publisher: MARCA AQUILA.
Date: Milan, ca. 1900

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Giuoco dell' Oca. La tentazione

Uncommon Italian Game of the Goose in 90 boxes. In rules of the game are explained as follows: "REGOLA DEL GIUOCO: Questo giuoco è composto di 90 numeri e può serv...

BidAsk spread: $200 - $250

Date: Italy, ca. 1900