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Russiae vulgo Moscovia dictae, Partes Septentrionalis et orientalis.

In the north the Murmansk Sea. Including the western coast of Nova Zembla. Title cartouche and two cartouches, the bottom right one showing two hunters, bears, stags etc....

Estimate: $960 - $1200
$1200 / ≈ €1043

Publisher: BLAEU, J.& C.
Date: Amsterdam, 1647


.Paskaart van de Mont van de Witte Zee,. Beginnende van Tiepena tot Pelitza, als mede van C. Cindenoes tot Catsnoes.

Fine sea chart of the southern part of the Barents Sea, oriented to the West. With 5 inset maps: - Swetenoes, de Kust van Laplandt, Lombascho, 'T Vaste Landt van Laplandt...

Estimate: $700 - $900
$900 / ≈ €782

Publisher: VAN KEULEN, J.
Date: Amsterdam, c.1710


Carte nouvelle de Moscovie represente la partie Septentrionale dressée par G.De L'Isle. . .

Uncommon map covering the area north of Moscow, including Lapland. Prepared by G. de L'Isle.Joachim Ottens (1663 - 1719) and his sons Renier and Joshua were prominent Dut...

Estimate: $300 - $400
$400 / ≈ €348

Publisher: OTTENS, R. / J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1720


Russie Européenne . . .

Detailed map of European part of Russia, including Finland and Lapland.Gilles Robert de Vaugondy (1688–1766), also known as Le Sieur or Monsieur Robert, and his son, Di...

Estimate: $60 - $75
$75 / ≈ €65

Date: Paris, ca. 1753