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Die Zyp / La Zype.

A miniature map showing the polder of De Zype. Title cartouche in the upper side.First published in 1598 in his Caert-Thresoor, the plates were executed by the most famou...

$100 / ≈ €93
Publisher: LANGENES, B.
Date: Amsterdam / Frankfurt, 1609



The Allardt edition of Blaeu's map of Holland, first published in 1604, being the oldest Dutch map to include town views as decorative borders. The top and bottom borders...

$5000 / ≈ €4662
Publisher: ALLARDT, H.
Date: Amsterdam, 1640


De Zype. / Purmer / Wormer/ Beemster / Waterland.

Five maps on one sheet. Showing the polders of De Zype, De Purmer, De Wormer, De Beemster and a map of Waterland, including de Bylmermeer and Monnekedam. Showing the Noor...

$300 / ≈ €280
Publisher: JANSSONIUS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1652-1658


De Texel Stroom met de gaten vant Marsdiep. [with] Caarte van De Mase ende het Goereesche Gat.

Two decorative charts on one sheet, one depicting Texel and the entrance of the Zuider Zee with an inset showing the north coast of West-Friesland, the other depicting th...

$500 / ≈ €466
Publisher: GOOS, P.
Date: Amsterdam, 1660


Cust van Hollant Tussen de Maes ende Texel.

Uncommon chart of the coast of Holland, including the southern tip of Texel. East at the top. Two fine compass cards, soundings and a large Bree Veerthien offshore.Piete...

$600 / ≈ €559
Publisher: GOOS, P.
Date: Amsterdam, 1666


Amsterdam Capitale de la Hollande.

A panoramic of Amsterdam seen from 't IJ. Set within a decorative border, printed from a separate plate. Rare.

$400 / ≈ €373
Publisher: VAN DER AA, P.
Date: Leiden, 1720


Chaerte vande Wieringer waert, de welcke inden jaere XVI… (Wieringerwaard)

Rare wall map of the Wieringerwaard polder, as raffled on 12 July 1611. The polder was laid dry in 1610. It border, and also the border of the municipality, were the Zuid...

$700 / ≈ €653
Publisher: ANTHONIUS, A.
Date: 1741-1744


Nieuwe en zeer accuraate Zee-Caart van de Hollandse Wal strekkende van de Maas tot Texel opgenomen door Jan Rokusz Douw, , ,

A very fine and rare chart of the coast of Holland, Prepared by Jan Rokusz, Douw and Agge Roskam Kool.Embellished with a very decorative cartouche with a dedicational tex...

$4500 / ≈ €4195
Publisher: VAN KEULEN, J,
Date: Amsterdam, 1750


Tabula comitatus Hollandiae. . .

Fine map of the provinces of North and South Holland. In upper left hand corner an inset with the islands of Texel and Vlieland.

$300 / ≈ €280
Publisher: SEUTTER, M.
Date: Augsburg 1760