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Vüe Perspective du Pont neuf construit sur la tamise a Hampton-Court.

So-called optical print illustrating a bridge on the river Thames at Hampton-Court.In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there were many popular speciality establish...

Estimate: $180 - $200
$200 / ≈ €174

Publisher: HUQUIER
Date: Paris, 1760


Vüe Perspective de l'Hospital de Greenwich prise de la Thamise.

So-called optical print illustrating a perspective view of Greenwich Hospital, illustrating its close proximity to the River Thames.In the eighteenth and nineteenth centu...

Estimate: $300 - $400
$400 / ≈ €348

Publisher: HUQUIER
Date: Paris, 1760


77e Vüe d'Optique Représentant Les Cascades du Jardin de Vauxhall a Londres.

So-called optical print illustrating a perspective view of the fountains and artificial cascades in Vauxhall Gardens, London.In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries th...

Estimate: $180 - $200
$200 / ≈ €174

Publisher: DAUMONT
Date: Paris, 1760


Pianta Geografia delle Isole di Malta, e Gozo della Sagra Religione Gerosolimitana di S. Giovanni delineata, ed incisa in quest anno 1761.

A rare map of Malta and Gozo printed by the priest Antonio Bova (1688 - 1775), who was active as engraver in Palermo ca. 1727-1773. He produced cartographic engravings, s...

Estimate: $2300 - $2500
$2500 / ≈ €2173

Publisher: BOVA, A.
Date: Bova Ant., Palermo, 1761


Switzerland divided into Cantonments.

Uncommon miniature map of Switzerland, engraved by Thomas Kitching for "A New General and Universal Atlas Containing Forty five Maps by Andrew Dury".This miniat...

Estimate: $30 - $45
$45 / ≈ €39

Publisher: DURY, A. / SAYER, R. / KITCHIN, T.
Date: London, 1761-1763


[MANUSCRIPT] Carte nouvelle de la Crimée et des pays circonvoisins.

Beautiful manuscript map on paper. Showing the northern part of the Black Sea region with Crimea.Interesting are the border lines of "New Serbia", shown in the ...

Estimate: $4000 - $5500
$5500 / ≈ €4781

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: ca. 1752-1764


Carte d'Italie, assujettie aux observations astronomiques et aux itinéraires. Comprenant toutes les grandes routes qui traversent les différens Etat de cette région . . .

Six double page original hand-colored engraved post road maps maps of Italy, from the 'Nouvel itinéraire général' by Louis Desnos, marking the major roads. In upper ri...

Estimate: $400 - $425
$425 / ≈ €369

Publisher: DESNOS, Louis Charles
Date: Paris, 1766


Vermakelykheden van Brabant, en deszelfs onderhoorige Landen... (2 volumes)

Topographical and iconographical work on Brabant illustrated with 1 engr. title-vignette and 190 engraved views, plans & armorial plates by J. Harrewijn, G. Bouttats ...

Estimate: $1100 - $1250
$1250 / ≈ €1087

Publisher: CANTILLON, Heer de.
Date: Amsterdam, P.J. Entrop, 1768


Gezicht van het Admiraliteits-Magazyn en Scheeps Timmerwerf.

Formerly the V.O.C. warehouse and arsenal for the Admiralty of Amsterdam, now-a-days the Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum). Taken from the "Atlas of Amsterdam"...

Estimate: $250 - $300
$300 / ≈ €261

Publisher: FOUQUET jr., P.
Date: Amsterdam, 1780



Extremely rare town-view of Madrid. Engraved by Francesco Ambrosi.With a second title in lower part "Madrid Ciudad Capital Del Reyno D'Espana y real corte de los rey...

Estimate: $4500 - $5700
$5700 / ≈ €4955

Publisher: AMBROSI, Fr.
Date: Bassano del Grappa, c.1780


La Pologne Dressée sur ce qu'en ot donné Starovolsk, Beauplan, Hartnoch. . .

Large map of Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and part of Ukraine. The map is filled with detail and decorated with a title cartouche flanked by mythological figures.According ...

Estimate: $700 - $900
$900 / ≈ €782

Publisher: L'ISLE, G. de. / BUACHE, Ph.
Date: Paris, 1773 - 1780


Vue perspective de l'interieur de la Salle du spectacle de Veronne en Italie.

Showing the Opera of Verona. Optical print published Mondhare, who was a well-known publisher of optical prints, established in rue St. Jacques in Paris. In the eighteent...

Estimate: $110 - $150
$150 / ≈ €130

Publisher: MONDHARE, J.
Date: Paris, ca. 1780


Plan de la ville de Maestricht avec ses attaques commandées par M. le maréchal de Saxe, depuis le 15 avril jusqu'au 3 may 1748 . . .

A plan of Maastricht rising after the capture of the city by the French troops led by the Marshal of Saxony. The city was besieged between 15 April and 3 May 1748, during...

Estimate: $480 - $600
$600 / ≈ €522

Publisher: JAILLOT, J.
Date: Paris, 1781


[Crimea]. Carte de la Cromée.

Mapmaker, Captain Jan Hendrik van Kinsbergen (1735-1819). Published by H. Friesman in 1787. This map first appeared in 1776 and was the first Russian map of the newly ann...

Estimate: $3000 - $3500
$3500 / ≈ €3042

Publisher: KINSBERGEN, J.H. van
Date: Amsterdam, H. Frieseman, 1787


Carte d'Europe divisée en ses Empires et Royaumes.

Uncommon and decorative wall map of Europe, prepared by Clouet. Superb decoration including a wonderful rococo border with vignettes describing historical scenes. Below t...

Estimate: $2750 - $4500
$4500 / ≈ €3911

Date: Paris, Mondhare, 1788


Tableau des guerres de Frédéric le Grand: ou plans figurés de vingt-six batailles rangées, ou combats essentiels donnés dans les trois guerres de Silésie. . .

The book includes a large folded map "Tableaux des Guerres de Frédéric le Grand", showing a map of Prussia, with present-day Poland and Eastern Germany surrou...

Estimate: $4800 - $5000
$5000 / ≈ €4346

Publisher: MULLER, L.
Date: Potzdam, Strasbourg, Paris, 1788


Carte de la France Divisée en 83 Départements et Subdivisée en districts avec les Chefs-lieux de Cantons Présentée à l'Assemblée Nationale et au Roi.

Spectacular folding wall map of France engraved by Barrier. Panels on both sides: "Tableau de la Division de la France d'après les décrets de l'Assemblée national...

Estimate: $480 - $600
$600 / ≈ €522

Publisher: BELLEYME, P. de.
Date: Paris, Belleyme, 1791


Il Governo di Guascogna con porzione del Governo di Guienna.

Rare regional map of France of the Périgord, Guienne, Gascogne and the Béarn published by Carli Pazzini in Siena.

Estimate: $180 - $225
$225 / ≈ €196

Publisher: PAZZINI, C.
Date: Siena, 1792


't dorp Aalst.

Rare print of the old church of Aalst (near Eindhoven), from Vaderlandsche gezichten of afbeeldingen.. by J.Bulthuis, printed by H.Gartman in Amsterdam.

Estimate: $60 - $100
$100 / ≈ €87

Publisher: BULTHUIS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1786 / 1792


Imperium Russicum, cum regionibus adiacentibus duabus Tabulis ex optima quae A. 1784 tribus foliis comparavit Mappa geographica, aliisque subsidiis delineatum a C. Mannert, Tabula Ima. . .

A detailed map of the European part of the Russian Empire. Scarce map. Copper etching by C. Mannert and edited by Adam Gottlieb Schneider and Johann Christoph Weigel. Man...

Estimate: $1200 - $1600
$1600 / ≈ €1391

Publisher: MANNERT, C.
Date: Nuremberg, 1794


Regna Galiciae et Lodomeriae Josephi II et M. Theresiae Augg. jussu methodo astronomico-trigometrica nec non Bukovina geometrice dimensa.

Monumental map of southern Poland, including Krakow extending to the east, including part of Ukraine. The lower, left part of the map is completely filled with an ornamen...

Estimate: $3750 - $4500
$4750 / ≈ €4129

Publisher: LIESGANIG Joseph / LIECHTENSTERN (von) Joseph-Mar
Date: Vienna, 1794


Vue de Malthe du cote du Fort.

A so-called optical print of Valletta seen from the castle. This rare optical print shows people in typical French dresses in the foreground and placed in boats.In the ei...

Estimate: $350 - $400
$450 / ≈ €391

Publisher: BASSET.
Date: Paris, 1798


Charta öfver Storfurstendömet Finland på Friherre S. G. Hermelins Anstalt och Omkostnad. Sammandragen och författad af C. P. Hällström. Philos. Magister och Auscultant i Kongl. BergsColl. 1799.

This is the beautiful set of key map and separate maps of Samuel Gustav Hermelins map of Finland. The maps have been engraved by Fredrik Akrel, a very skilled and product...

Estimate: $3600 - $4000
$4000 / ≈ €3477

Date: Källa: J.Strang & E.- S. Harju: Suomen karttakirja 1799


Erfolgte Kapitulation zwischen dem General Bonaparte und den Gross Leister von Malta. Vor der Hauptstadt Walette zu Maltha, am 10 Juni 1798.

Copper engraving with three scenes and one portrait on one sheet. In upper a view of Bonaparte arriving at Valletta. Published in "Allgemeine Welt-Chronik oder neue ...

Estimate: $2400 - $2500
$2500 / ≈ €2173

Date: Zittau, 1798-1800


[ Manuscript map of the Ligurian coast from Pietra to Genova ].

Very detailed French manuscript map of the Ligurian coast from Pietra and Finale, Savone to Genoa with the Maritime Alps in the background. The Liguria coast borders to n...

Estimate: $4200 - $5300
$5300 / ≈ €4607

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: France, ca. 1790-1800


Bowles's new four-sheet map of England and Wales. . .

Bowles's new four-sheet map of England and Wales: Comprehending all the Cities, Boroughs, Market and Sea-Port Towns, Villages, Lakes, Rivers, Forests, Ruins, Canals, and ...

Estimate: $480 - $600
$600 / ≈ €522

Publisher: BOWLES, C. / CARVER
Date: London, 1801


Teatro della guerra nelle Flandre Austriache e Francesi. . .

Rare folio-sized map of Belgium by Antonio Zatta e Figli, from a never-finished atlas by the ‘Società Calcografia’, a partnership of the two main Venetian publishers...

Estimate: $350 - $400
$400 / ≈ €348

Date: Venise, 1803


Carta militar das principaes estradas de Portugal.

Rare road map of Portugal in a scale of ca 1:470000. At the bottom right and left legends in Portuguese and French. Engraved by Romão Eloy de Almeida, who was a Portugue...

Estimate: $400 - $500
$500 / ≈ €435

Publisher: DE ALMEIDA, R.E.
Date: Lisbone, 1808


Carte von West=Gallizien welche auf allerhöchsten Befehl Seiner Kaiserlich oesterreichischen und Königlich apostolischen Majestät in den Jahren 1801 bis 1804. . .

Important early map of Western Galicia, as given to Austria by the third Partition of Poland (1795). Due to its long development period, a rare map rich in detail shows t...

Estimate: $2000 - $2500
$2500 / ≈ €2173

Date: Vienna, (1808) after 1811


Generalkarte vom Königreich Preussen u. d. Herz[ogtum] Warschau nach astronomischen Ortsbestim[m]ungen und geodätischen Messungen. . .

Rare seemingly unrecorded map of Poland with its borders after the Congress of Vienna, probably based on a lost first edition of Daniel Friedrich Sotzmann's (1754-1840) m...

Estimate: $900 - $1500
$1500 / ≈ €1304

Publisher: SOTZMANN, D. F.
Date: Nuremberg, Schneider & Weigel 1815


Nouveau voyage pittoresque de la France Orné de trois cent soixante gravures exécutées sur des dessins fait d'après nature, et représentant des Vues des principales Villes de France, Ports de Mer, Monuments anciens et modernes,..

Large paper copy, printed on quarto format (210x235mm.) on heavy paper. Illustrated with 360 engraved plates, many by Jean-Jerome Baugean. Without the large folding map....

Estimate: $5000 - $6000
$6000 / ≈ €5215

Publisher: OSTERWALD.
Date: Paris, 1817


Nuova Pianta Iconografica.. Venezia.

Precise bird's-eye town-plan of Venice, clearly depicting the city's architectural landmark, being a reduction of Ughi's 8-sheet map of 1725. There is a grid engraved ove...

Estimate: $900 - $1100
$1100 / ≈ €956

Publisher: VIERO, T.
Date: Venice, 1818


Province de Pologne contenant 22 Col. une M.on Prof 5 Pen. 2 Nov. 6 Rés. 30 Maisons 1050 Jésuites.

Rare map of Poland from "Atlas Universel indiquant les établissemens des Jésuites: avec la manière dont ils divisent la terre, suivi desévénemens remarquables d...

Estimate: $240 - $300
$300 / ≈ €261

Publisher: DENIS, L.
Date: Paris, Ambroise Dupont , 1826


Nouveau Plan Routier de la Ville et Faubourgs de Paris // Avec ses principaux Edifices et Nouvelles Barrieres.

Decorative wall map of Paris, published by M. P|chon in Paris and engraved by Michel Glot. The plan is framed by a floral border and there are 27 Parisian views of places...

Estimate: $42500 - $4500
$4500 / ≈ €3911

Publisher: GLOT, M.
Date: Paris, 1834


Wallis's Guide for Strangers Through London.

Engraved plan with original hand-coloring, with title and alphabetical list of the principal streets below. Published by Edward Wellis 42 Skinner Street.With "An alp...

Estimate: $480 - $500
$500 / ≈ €435

Publisher: WALLIS, E.
Date: London, E.Wallis, ca. 1840


Optique de St.Cloud.

This perspective view of St. Cloud comprises 6 hand colored images of the grand Bassin d'Apollon viewed through an square and two round holes cut out from the front card ...

Estimate: $900 - $1100
$1100 / ≈ €956

Date: Paris, ca.1845


Saint Petersbourg. Maison de bienfaisance, appartenant à Mr Anatole de Demidoff. . .

Beautiful lithography showing the house of Anatole de Demidoff in Saint Petersburg.

Estimate: $500 - $600
$600 / ≈ €522

Publisher: BOURDIN, E.
Date: Paris, c. 1850


Nice Vue prise audessus de Montalban.

Beautiful view of Nice from the book "l'Italie à vol d'oiseau".

Estimate: $360 - $450
$450 / ≈ €391

Publisher: GUESDON, A.
Date: Paris, 1850


Black Sea.

Decorative steel engraved map of the Black Sea with inset views of Sebastopol and Odessa. There are also vignettes of Constantinople, Sinope and Varna. Taken from "T...

Estimate: $70 - $100
$90 / ≈ €78

Publisher: TALLIS, J.
Date: London, London Printing and publishing Company of London, ca. 1851


Dépt. De L'Aude. N°10. [ Carcassonne ]

Map of the Aude region, centered on the town of Carcassonne. Reaching to the right till the Mediterranean.Lovely map from one of the last decorative atlases of the ninete...

Estimate: $30 - $40
$40 / ≈ €35

Publisher: LEVASSEUR, V.
Date: Paris, A. Combette, 1852


Dépt. De La Charente. N°13. [ Cognac ]

Map of the Charente region, centered on Angouleme and Cognac. Home of the world's best-known brandy, the map shows the countryside surrounding the Charente River one hund...

Estimate: $40 - $50
$50 / ≈ €43

Publisher: LEVASSEUR, V.
Date: Paris, A. Combette, 1852


The Crimea, chiefly from surveys made by order of the Russian government. . .

Map of Crimea and the Sea of Azov. In lower right corner two inset maps showing Sebastopol inlet and harbour and a second one with the Black Sea. This second maps shows t...

Estimate: $300 - $350
$350 / ≈ €304

Publisher: ARROWSMITH, J.
Date: London, 1854


The town & harbour of Sevastopol with the batteries & approaches. . .

Rare colored linen backed map showing the harbour and town of Sevastopol, with soundings. In upper left corner a inset map (65x150mm) of the Black Sea. In bottom part a l...

Estimate: $240 - $300
$300 / ≈ €261

Publisher: WYLD, J.
Date: London, March 27th, 1854


(Lübeck) Lvbeca vrbs. imperialis libera. civitatvm. Wandalicarvm. . . .

Impressive more than 3 meters wide panoramic town view after a woodbock engraving from Elias Diebel, originally made in 1552. Of this original woodblock Bachmann mentions...

Estimate: $4000 - $5000
$5000 / ≈ €4346

Publisher: DIEBEL, E. after
Date: Germany, c. 1855


Military map of the countries between Odessa & Perekop with the stations of the Russian forces.

Rare colored linen backed map showing Russian troop positions and Odessa Batteries. On the inside of the cover a list of "Wyld's list of recent publications : seat o...

Estimate: $300 - $450
$450 / ≈ €391

Publisher: WYLD, J.
Date: London, ca. 1855


Provincia ecclesiastica di Utrecht Nell' Olanda (Tav LXIII)

This large-format map of The Netherlands with its different dioceses. The map is finely engraved and beautifully colored and was prepared by Girolamo Petri, a lawyer who ...

Estimate: $250 - $300
$300 / ≈ €261

Publisher: PETRI Girolamo
Date: Rome, 1858



Uncommon and decorative lithography published by Carl Johan Billmark and printed by Lemercier in Paris, 55 rue de Seine, the leading firm in Europe at that time. From: It...

Estimate: $35 - $50
$50 / ≈ €43

Publisher: BILLMARK, C.J.
Date: Paris, c.1859


Souvenirs des Pyrénées. Vues prises aux environs des eaux thermales de Bagnères-de-Bigorre, Bagnères-de-Luchon, Cauteretz, Saint-Sauveur, Barèges, Les-eaux-Bonnes, Les-Eaux-Chaudes & Pau.

The thermal baths Bagnères de Bigorre, Bagnères de Luchon, Cauteretz, Saint-Sauveur, Barèges, Les Eaux-Bonnes and Pau in the Pyrenees. Beautiful collection of 24 litho...

Estimate: $650 - $800
$800 / ≈ €695

Publisher: PETIT, V.
Date: Pau, A.Basset, ca. 1860


L'escadre alliée bombarde les forts extérieurs de Sébastopol. (18 octobre 1854)

Beautiful Crimean War lithography by Becquet after a painting by Louis Le Breton. The print is illustrating the ships "Fort Constantin", "la ville de Paris...

Estimate: $300 - $400
$400 / ≈ €348

Date: Paris, 1860


Carte des Colonies établies dans la partie Sud-Ouest de la Russie.

Finely and crisply engraved map centered on Crimea, showing the Black Sea and its hinterland.Noteworthy topographical detail is shown with a color key to the settlements ...

Estimate: $720 - $900
$900 / ≈ €782

Publisher: MALTE BRUN.
Date: Paris, c.1860


(Title page) Vedute dei principali monumenti di Venezia.

Decorative title page with in the lower part small inset view of Doge Palace, St. Marco and a gondola.

Estimate: $120 - $150
$150 / ≈ €130

Date: Venice, 1860


AFFAIRES D'ORIENT Départ des Grenadiers de la Garde Anglaise, à bord du Steamer transatlantique l'Orenoco. . .

Beautiful lithography of the departure of the British steamboat "l'Orenoco" from Southampton in May 1854, with soldiers leaving for the Crimean War. After a des...

Estimate: $300 - $300
$300 / ≈ €261

Publisher: LEBRETON, L.
Date: Paris, Lemercier, c.1860


Physikalische Wandkarten III. Europe. . .

Large folding school wall map of Europe printed in chromo-lithography. Published by Dieter Reimer in Berlin. This rare Physical map shows in the agricultural maximal bord...

Estimate: $800 - $1000
$1000 / ≈ €869

Publisher: KIEPERT, H.
Date: Berlin : Verlag von Dietrich Reimer, 1873


France Physique.

A thematic map of France divided in the areas related to the rivers Rhine, La Seine, La Loire, La Garonne, du Rhone and the coasts of the Atlantic and Mediterranean. From...

Estimate: $25 - $30
$30 / ≈ €26

Publisher: MIGEON, J.
Date: Paris, 1874


Nieuwe kaart van het Koningrijk der Nederlanden. . .

Uncommon map of the Netherlands prepared by J.S. Smulders and P. H. Witkamp and lithographed by Z.M. den Koning in the Hague. Dated.Showing The Kingdom of the Netherlands...

Estimate: $250 - $300
$300 / ≈ €261

Publisher: WITKAMP, P.H.
Date: The Hague, 1874


Sint Catharinakerk te Eindhoven.

Uncommon woodblock engraving of St.Catharina church of Eindhoven, built by the well-known architect P.Cuijpers. Published in Katholieke Illustratie.The "katholieke i...

Estimate: $70 - $85
$85 / ≈ €74

Publisher: BAL, W.
Date: 'sHertogenbosch, Henri Bogaerts, 1875


Société de la Charité Maternelle à Paris. Plan de le ville de Paris, Divisé par Quartiers avec Nomenclature.

>Rare atlas de Paris dressé par E. Devrainne, divisé en 80 quartiers et colorié par Le Roux (Le Roux pinxit). Illustré d'une page de titre aux armes de Paris avec ...

Estimate: $1600 - $1750
$1750 / ≈ €1521

Publisher: DEVRAINNE, E.
Date: Imprimerie Mercier, Clichy, 1876


Wandkarte des Deutsches Reiches zum Schul und Comptoir-Gebrauch. . .

School wall map of Germany, Poland, Low Counties, Bohemia printed in chromo lithography with contemporary hand coloring to borders. Published by "Stich und Druck der...

Estimate: $750 - $900
$900 / ≈ €782

Publisher: KIEPERT, H.
Date: Berlin, Dieter Reimer, 1878


Nouveau plan itinéraire de la ville de Bruxelles et ses faubourgs. . . 1883.

Decorative folding plan of Brussels, with to the right, left and bottom a key to the important street buildings and streets. Prepared by L.Mols - Marchal. This edition is...

Estimate: $200 - $250
$250 / ≈ €217

Publisher: MOLS, L.
Date: Brussels, 1883


Wandkarte von Europa von H.Berghaus. . .

Large wall map of Europe printed in chromo-lithography. Prepared by Heinrich Berghaus and published by Justus Perthes in Gotha.Heinrich Berghaus, with support of Alexande...

Estimate: $750 - $900
$900 / ≈ €782

Publisher: BERGHAUS, H.
Date: Gotha, Perthes, ca.1885


Russia & Poland.

Charming, folding map of Russia and Poland, giving a detailed overview of Europe from Baltic to Caspian Sea. Railways and rivers prominently delineated.In lower left a ke...

Estimate: $400 - $550
$550 / ≈ €478

Publisher: STANFORD, E.
Date: London, ca. 1890


Map of Russia and Poland.

Charming, folding map of Russia, Poland and Baltic States, still in its original publisher's blind stamped linen wrapper with yellow label. With yellow advertisements at ...

Estimate: $220 - $250
$250 / ≈ €217

Publisher: STANFORD, E.
Date: London, ca. 1894


Carte de la Roumanie et Pays limitrophes. Odessa. GALATZ.

Very detailed (1:750.000) map centered on Constanta, with the river Danube in Romania. Made after an Austrian map. The French Service géographique des armées was founde...

Estimate: $120 - $150
$150 / ≈ €130

Date: Paris, 1908


(Postcard of Europe)

During the Great War, when the only means of communicating news to the masses was by newspapers and weekly illustrated magazines, the ‘war’ or 'military' picture post...

Estimate: $100 - $110
$110 / ≈ €96

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Moscow, 1914


Völker Europas wie schön sind eure Geschichter. (World War I post card)

During the Great War, when the only means of communicating news to the masses was by newspapers and weekly illustrated magazines, the ‘war’ or 'military' picture post...

Estimate: $120 - $150
$150 / ≈ €130

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Germany, 1915


Guyenne - Gascogne.

Very decorative, informative map of Guyenne and Gascogne region in France. The map is filled with buildings, animals, figures and two locals. With a large compass rose in...

Estimate: $70 - $90
$90 / ≈ €78

Publisher: JYLBERT
Date: France, 1943


Languedoc - Foix Roussillon.

Very decorative, informative map of Languedoc - Foix Roussillon region in south eastern France. Including the towns of Carcassonne, Montpellier, Albi, Toulouse, etc.The m...

Estimate: $70 - $90
$90 / ≈ €78

Publisher: JYLBERT
Date: France, 1943


Group of 21 watercolors of scenes in Iceland, included are vulcanos like Eyjafjallajokull, Öræfajökull, etc.

A group of water colors made during visits of the artist F. de Boungne to Iceland, among them are contemporary artistic impressions of the now world-famous volcano Eyjafj...

Estimate: $3600 - $4500
$4500 / ≈ €3911

Publisher: DE BOUNGNE, F.
Date: Iceland, 1933-1944


Langwasser Stanislau Neu Brandenburg Mei 1942 Juni 1945

Map met reproducties van crayontekeningen van Krijgsgevangenschap in Langwasser, Stanislau en Neu-Brandenburg, Mei 1942 -juni 1945.Uitgegeven april 1948 door het Minister...

Estimate: $50 - $60
$60 / ≈ €52

Publisher: Ministerie van Oorlog
Date: Den Haag, April 1948


Sint Niklaas en het Waasland Gerardus Mercator Museum.

Poster showing a portrait of Gerard Mercator, set behind a globe and the town hall of St. Niklaas. Showing a map of the region containing pictorial vignets of Overmere, K...

Estimate: $450 - $500
$500 / ≈ €435

Publisher: VANBAERE, H.
Date: Brussels, 1951


A map of the British Army with battle honours and militray achievements and Regimental Badges . . .

Shows English County Regiments, Battle Honours and Military Achievements. Bordered by Regimental Badges.A fascinating piece of British history.Read more about Pictorial M...

Estimate: $350 - $450
$450 / ≈ €391

Publisher: HMSO
Date: London, 1952


Forteresse Ile Ste Marguerite.

Nice drawing of a stronghold Ste Marguerite. The Île Sainte-Marguerite is the largest of the Lérins Islands, about half a mile off shore from the French Riviera town of...

Estimate: $180 - $225
$225 / ≈ €196

Publisher: PAUTY, E.
Date: France, Provence, after 1960