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[Titlepage] Germaniae tabule geographicae.

Decorative title page to the volume of the "Atlas, Sive Cosmographicae Meditationes De Fabrica Mundi" devoted to maps of Germany. The design in a typical Manner...

BidAsk spread: $180 - $280

Publisher: MERCATOR, G./ HONDIUS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1630


Teatro Belgico. [Title page ]

Rare tile page from Teatro Belgico, showing an allegory surrounded by court members: on the lower part, seven coats of arm from the Dutch northern provinces.

Highest Bid:
$100 / ≈ €95

BidAsk spread: $150 - $200

Publisher: LETI, G.
Date: Amsterdam, 1690

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(Title page) Recueil Contenant des Cartes Nouvelles Dressées Sur des Morceaux.

Rare title page. Le Rouge was a military Ingenieur for fortifications. He was a map-maker for the army and Marine Royale. He was active between 1740 and 1780, in Paris at...

BidAsk spread: $100 - $150

Publisher: Le ROUGE, G.L.
Date: Paris, 1742


[Title page] Le Theatre du Monde ou Nouvel Atlas . . .

Architectural frontage with the title and imprint printed on paste-on slips decorated by a heraldic shield, with crown and garters.

BidAsk spread: $150 - $200

Publisher: BLAEU, J./ C.
Date: Amsterdam, 1640


[Title page ] Carte Générale de la Monarchie Françoise, contenat l'Histoire Militaire depuis Clovis, premier Roy chrêtien, jusqu'à la quinzième année accomplie du règne de Louis XV en vingt tables enrichies de tailles-douces. . . .

Upper part engraved plate (250 x 635 mm.) with title. Lower part letter press with wood block printed border giving advertisement to the reader and an errata (190 x 610 m...

BidAsk spread: $75 - $150

Publisher: LA JAISSE. Pierre Lemau de.
Date: Paris, 1733


[Title page] Atlante Novissimo, illustrato ed accresciuto . . .

Decorative Venitian frontispiece from Antonio Zatta's Atlas Atlante Novissimo, illustrato ed accresciuto . . . . The outer decoration of this title page has a wealth of c...

BidAsk spread: $150 - $230

Publisher: ZATTA, A.
Date: Venice, 1785


[Title page] Galliae tabule geographicae . . .

Very fine title page by Gerard Mercator, composed of an elaborate strapwork design with the portrait of a king at top.

BidAsk spread: $100 - $200

Publisher: MERCATOR, G. / HONDIUS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1630


[Title page] Thesauri Philo Politici pars Tertia ...

Very skillfully engraved title page from a rare work printed by Eberhard Kieser: "Thesaurus Philo-Politicus. Das ist Politisches Schatzkästlein guter Herren und bes...

BidAsk spread: $50 - $80

Publisher: MEISNER, D.
Date: Frankfurt, 1630


[Title Page] Atlas Sive cosmographicae Meditationes . . .

Title page from the rare Cloppenburg edition slightly larger format and more scarce edition of the Mercator/Hondius "Atlas Minor". Engraved by Pieter Van Den Ke...

Highest Bid:
$10 / ≈ €10

BidAsk spread: $200 - $300

Date: Amsterdam, 1630

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[Title page] Gli Argonauti.

Very nicely engraved title page with cartographic instruments and allegorical symbols, with a globe oriented toward the Pole at the center.The engraving appeared in Coron...

BidAsk spread: $500 - $750

Publisher: CORONELLI, V. M.
Date: Venice, 1693


Henricus Kornmannus I.U. Doc. ex Kyrchayna cat.

Very skillfully engraved half-length portrait of Heinrich Kornmann, in frontal view, underneath an arch and with a view of Kirchhain in background and coats-of-arms in up...

BidAsk spread: $50 - $80

Publisher: MEISNER, D. / FURCK, S.
Date: Frankfurt, 1630


[Title cartouche from Carte de la France]

Title cartouche from "Carte de la France", prepared by Captaine and published by Pierre D. Belleyme.

BidAsk spread: $175 - $250

Publisher: DE BELLEYME, P
Date: Paris, ca. 1789


[Title page Atlas Universel...]

Beautiful title-frontispiece from the famous universal atlas initiated by geographers Gilles Robert and his son Didier Robert de Vaugondy, revised, corrected and enhanced...

BidAsk spread: $100 - $150

Date: Paris, 1805


[Title page Atlante Novissimo Tomo I]

Title-page of Atlante Novissimo Tome 1, published by Antonio Zatta in 1779.

BidAsk spread: $150 - $250

Publisher: ZATTA, A.
Date: Venise, 1779


[Title page Le Neptune Francois I. Volume]

Title page featuring Neptune in a sea-chariot drawn by white horses, fleets of ships and allegorical figures of winged gods, all within an ornate border. Engraved by le P...

Highest Bid:
$3 / ≈ €3

BidAsk spread: $400 - $750

Publisher: BERAIN, Jean.
Date: Paris, 1750

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[Title page Atlas Minor Praecipua Orbis Terrarum Imperia, Regna Et Provincias. . .]

Title page of Atlas Minor Praecipua Orbis Terrarum Imperia, Regna Et Provincias, drawn by Georg Matheus Seutter and his son Albrecht Carl. Georg Matheus was one of the mo...

BidAsk spread: $250 - $350

Publisher: SEUTTER, M.
Date: Augsburg, 1744


[Title page Geographie moderne avec une introduction. . .]

Engraved title page and a text sheet from Jean Baptiste Louis Clouet (1730-1790) influential "Géographie Moderne" first published in 1767 and reissued in sever...

BidAsk spread: $250 - $350

Publisher: CLOUET, J. B. L.
Date: Paris, 1767


[Lot of 4 title pages] America Tertia Pars

The beautiful frontispice of the Latin edition of Theodor de Bry's 'Grand Voyages'-  the description of the Americas - Part III,  which describes the land of Brazil bas...

BidAsk spread: $250 - $400

Publisher: Theodor de Bry
Date: Frankfurt, 1542