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Plan of Banta [together with] and Bantem Bay.

1. Clear view of the city of Banta. The Houtman ships finally arrived at Banten, a northwestern port in Java. Houtman was introduced to the Sultan of Banten, who promptly...

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Publisher: PONTANUS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1611


Banten on Banten Bay, and a sea battle with the Portuguese at the Bay (3 leaves).

Plan of Banten and Bantam Bay in Banten province, on the northwest tip of Java, Indonesia. Includes the bay, ships, and boats. Also includes surroundings. The text in the...

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Publisher: PONTANUS, J.A.
Date: Amsterdam, 1611


[The Dutch reach Annabon.]

Eight days after leaving the mainland, the Dutch arrived at one of the Annabon islands (Pagalu), where they asked the Portuguese and Moors, who were occupying the island,...

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Publisher: GOTTFRIED, J.L. / DE BRY.
Date: Frankfurt, M.Merian, 1633


[Borneo Insula.]

Important map of Bornea based on a map by Olivier van Noort (1558-1627), who on his turn mostly adapted information from earlier maps such as those by Langenes and van Li...

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Publisher: GOTTFRIED, J.L. / DE BRY.
Date: Frankfurt, M.Merian, 1633


[Islands of Macian and Bacian.]

This shows the features of the islands Macian and Bacian. ‘A’ is the Isle of Macian, with its angle towards noon from the Equator, being 8 minutes from midnight, ‘B...

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Publisher: GOTTFRIED, J.L. / DE BRY.
Date: Frankfurt, M.Merian, 1633


[Islands of Amboina and Nera.]

On the island of Amboina, the Dutch have a royal castle with a strong fortress. ‘E’ marks some homes of the inhabitants, ‘F’ shows the island itself, along with i...

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Publisher: GOTTFRIED, J.L. / DE BRY.
Date: Frankfurt, M.Merian, 1633


Insula Borneo et occidentalis pars Celebis cum adjacentibus insulis

Folio format map of the island of Borneo (Kalimantan) in Indonesia (with parts belonging to Malaysia and Brunei). North is on the right.This is the first large format map...

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Publisher: Janssonius, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1659

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Sumatrae et insularum locorumque nonnullorum circumiacentium tabula nova.

Very rare early (1659) version of this large folio sized map of Sumatra and the tip of the Malaysian Peninsula by Janssonius. The 1700 Valk/Schenk edition is more availab...

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Publisher: Janssonius, J.
Date: 1659


Le Royaume de Siam avec les Royaumes. . .

Influential map of the Malay peninsula, Sumatra, Java and Borneo, centered on Singapore. Mortier incorporated information provided by the French Jesuits and charts the ro...

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Publisher: MORTIER, P.
Date: Amsterdam, 1700


A Mapp of Batavia with all itts Forts.

Wonderful, scarce, and decorative plan of present-day Jakarta, showing the City and its immediate environs, the surrounding rice fields intersected by a network of waterw...

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Publisher: CHURCHIL, J.
Date: London, Printed for A. and J. Churchill, 1703


Waere affbeeldinge wegens het casteel ende stadt Batavia.

A good impression of this finely engraved and detailed plan of Batavia, present-day Jakarta, the Dutch center of trading activities in the East Indies. Copied after Cleme...

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Publisher: VANDER AA, P.
Date: Leiden, 1719


Les Isles de la Sonde Par le Sr. Robert de Vaugondy fils de Mr. Robert Geog. Ord du Roi avec Privilege 1749.

Small detailed map of of South East Asia, including Malaysian Peninsular with Singapore. From Atlas Portatif Universel, by Robert de Vaugondy.Page 170 outside border top...

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Publisher: VAUGONDY, R. de
Date: Paris, 1749

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Les Indes Orientales et leur Archipel. . .

General map of Indonesia, extending from India to the Philippines and New Guinea.Ornated with a decorative title cartouche. Boundaries outlined in hand color.From theAtla...

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Publisher: LATTRÉ / BONNE, R.
Date: Paris, ca 1783


Esquisse de la Baie de Coupang (cote S.O. Ile de Timor) par M. M. Peron et Lesueur, an 1803.

Map of Kupang Bay on the Indonesian Island Timor, prepared by Louis Freycinet during his voyage under Captain Thomas Baudin in 1800-1803. Plate no. 14 from the atlas part...

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Publisher: FREYCINET, M.L.
Date: Paris, Langois, 1811