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Coast to Coast.

A game board that features a map of the U.S. with a built-in spinner. Players travel a circular track around the map visiting landmarks as they go. A fun way to learn geo...

$100 / ≈ €94
Place, Date: New York, ca. 1950


[ Indian accessories ].

Aquatint depicting Indian accessories engraved by Gallina. Plate N°49.From Giulio Ferrario's work Le Costume Ancien et Moderne ou Histoire du gouvernement, de la milice,...

$120 / ≈ €113
Publisher: FERRARIO, G.
Place, Date: Milan, 1827


[ Chief Regolo ].

Aquatint depicting Chief Regolo (also called Cacique) accompanied by his women engraved by Gallina. Plate N°57.Cacique from the taíno word for the pre-Columbian tribal ...

$150 / ≈ €141
Publisher: FERRARIO, G.
Place, Date: Milan, 1827


[ Chief Regolo ].

Aquatint depicting chief warriors engraved by G. G. Plate N°58.Cacique from the taíno word for the pre-Columbian tribal chiefs or leaders, of the Taino tribes in the Ba...

$150 / ≈ €141
Publisher: FERRARIO, G.
Place, Date: Milan, 1827


United States At-A-Glance.

A clever device for demonstrating the statistics of each state, the Area, Population, Highest Elevation, Principal River, Capital, railroad Mileage, Date Entered Union, P...

$300 / ≈ €282
Place, Date: New York & London: International At-A-Glance Chart Co. 1931


A-Na-Cam-E-Gish-Ca. A Chippeway Chief.

Half-length portrait of Anacamegishca, bare-chested, wearing a blanket and a peace medal. A-Na-Cam-E-Gish-Ca (1785-1862) - was a Chippeway Indian Chief. The Chippewa is o...

$350 / ≈ €329
Publisher: MCKENNEY, T & HALL, J.
Place, Date: Philadelphia, 1837


Ca-Ta-He-Cas-Sa-Black Hoof. Principal Chief of the Shawanoes.

Half-length portrait of Catahecassa wearing a dark colored jacked, grey vest, white shirt, and grey head scarf.A wonderful hand colored lithograph of Ca-Ta-He-Cas-Sa-Blac...

$350 / ≈ €329
Publisher: MCKENNEY, T & HALL, J.
Place, Date: Philadelphia, 1837


Major Ridge. A Cherokee Chief.

Head and shoulders portrait of Major Ridge,(1771-1839) wearing a blue jacket, gold or yellow vest, white shirt, and black cravat. A Cherokee Chief, who as a Cherokee lead...

$350 / ≈ €329
Publisher: MCKENNEY, T & HALL, J.
Place, Date: Philadelphia, 1837


Carte qui contient..Iles & Terres..L'Amerique..Jamaique..

Eight maps on one sheet. From Chatelain's Atlas Historique et Méthodique . Including maps of Bermuda, Jamaica, New England with Long Island, Carolina, Chesapeake and Del...

$500 / ≈ €470
Publisher: CHATELAIN, H.
Place, Date: Amsterdam 1728


Les deux poles articque ou septentrional et antarticque..

A double hemisphere map to the North and South poles. The North pole is connected to Greenland and Spitzbergen but there is little other detailed coastline in the polar a...

$800 / ≈ €752
Publisher: SANSON, N. / MARRIET, P.
Place, Date: Paris, 1657


Kiepert's Physikalische Wandkarten. VI. Nord-America.

Large folding school wall map of North and Central America printed in chromo-lithography. Published by Dieter Reimer and printed by Leopold Kraatz in Berlin. Three inset...

$900 / ≈ €846
Publisher: KIEPERT, H.
Place, Date: Berlin, Dieter Reimer, 1864


Carte du Mexique et des Etats Unis d'Amérique...

A later edition of De l'Isle's foundation map of 1703, is widely regarded as one of the most influential maps in the history of American Cartography. This updated version...

$1200 / ≈ €1128
Publisher: L'ISLE, G. de. / DEZAUCHE.
Place, Date: Paris, 1783


Map of the Great Salt Lake And Adjacent Country in the Territory Of Utah. Surveyed in 1849 and 1850, under the orders of Col. J.J. Abert ...

Map of the Great Salt Lake And Adjacent Country in the Territory Of Utah. Surveyed in 1849 and 1850, under the orders of Col. J.J. Abert .. by Capt. Howard Stansbury .. a...

$1350 / ≈ €1269
Place, Date: Ackerman, New York, 1852


Nader prolongatie van het Octroy voor de Westindische Compagnie voor den tyd van nog dertig jaaren. . .

A proclamation by the Dutch States General, dated 1761, extending the charter of the Dutch West India Company for another thirty years. Like the 1730 proclamation, it has...

$1500 / ≈ €1410
Publisher: SCHELTUS, I.
Place, Date: Amsterdam, 1761


A new map of the English Empire in America. . .

This fine English map of eastern North America including Canada engraved by John Harris and first published by Robert Morden. John Senex acquired and made minor alteratio...

$2200 / ≈ €2068
Publisher: SENEX, J.
Place, Date: London, 1720


Carte des Possessions Françoises et Angloises dans le Canada et partie de la Lousiane. . .

Proof state. Here without the decorations around the title cartouche in the what is called in the reference books the first state the cartouche in upper left . No double ...

$2200 / ≈ €2068
Publisher: LONGCHAMPS, le Sieur.
Place, Date: Paris, 1756


Poli Arctici, et circumiacentium terrarum descriptio novissima. . .

A re-issue of the Hondius' plate. A particularly decorative map of the North Pole with Iceland. Several Dutch names in Labrador. The toponymy in Canada reflects the conti...

$2500 / ≈ €2350
Publisher: HONDIUS, H. / DE WIT, F.
Place, Date: Amsterdam, 1660


Carte de LA LOUISIANE et des PAYS VOISINS Dédiée a M. Rouillé Dediee a M. Rouille Secretairr 'd Etat ayant le Departement de la Marine... 1750

North America from the eastern seaboard to the Rocky Mountains. Based on Delisle's map of 1718 with additions from notes compiled by the Jesuit priest, explorer and histo...

$2500 / ≈ €2350
Publisher: BELLIN, J.N.
Place, Date: Paris, 1750


The Traveller's Guide. A Map Of The Roads, Canals And Steam Boat Routes Of The United States ... Designed for the use of Travellers, By H.S. Tanner.

Rare first edition of Tanner's travel map in pocket map form, in it original red leather covers, with the map and no text, as issued. Ristow says the first edition was 18...

$2750 / ≈ €2585
Publisher: TANNER, H.S.
Place, Date: Philadelphia, 1825


Histoire de la Guerre Civile en Amerique par M. Le Comte de Paris, Ancien Aide de Camp du General Mac Clellan (McClellan). ...

These 30 maps were made by Vorzet to accompany Louis Phillipe d'Orleans' (Comte de Paris) multi volume "Histoire de la Guerre Civile en Amérique". The set incl...

$3000 / ≈ €2820
Publisher: VORZET, Ed. Dumas
Place, Date: Paris. Michel Levy Freres, 1875


Nova tabula geographica complectens borealiorem..

A finely engraved pair of maps designed to be cut and joined together to provide a continuous coastline of North America from the Carolinas to Newfoundland and along the ...

$3500 / ≈ €3290
Publisher: VISSCHER, N. / SCHENK,P.
Place, Date: Amsterdam, 1720


A Map of the British Empire in AMERICA with the French, Spanish and Hollandish Settlements Adjacent Thereto. by Henry Popple. / Nouvelle Carte Particuliere de L'Amerique . . .

The four sheet Dutch edition of Popple's monumental map of North America, in mint condition. Encompassing the West Indies, Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Central America.T...

$15000 / ≈ €14100
Publisher: POPPLE,H / MORTIER, J.& C.
Place, Date: Amsterdam, ca. 1737