Early maps of South East Asia and Java.

maps of South East Asia

The mapping of South East Asia is a story of adventure and great endeavor involving many nationalities over many years. Four centuries of exploration and discovery lay ahead before the Europeans could claim to have reasonably accurate and comprehensive picture of the South-East Asian region.
When, in July 1511, Alfonso Dalboquerque, Viceroy for Portugal in India, arrived with his fleet of eighteen ships and some 1,400 men, at the town of Malacca on the Malay Peninsular, he knew only what was arrived in Europe from non-European sources. For many centuries beforehand tree had been flourishing trade and contacts amongst the states of the region and further afield to Indian China. The voyagers, Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Moorish, had their own local knowledge and charts to guide them.

Claudius Ptolemy was one of the first to document these travelers’ tales from Asia and elsewhere and to attempt to make geographical sense to them. The early editions of the Geographia included maps covering Asia, making use of Marco Polo’s accounts of his travels in Asia in the thirteenth century.
In the last decade of the fifteenth century, the Portuguese and Spaniards had reached an agreement, the Treaty of Tordesillas, which was intended to demarcate their respective spheres of influence in the remainder of the unknown world. The agreement did not explicitly refer, however, to the asset unexplored region of South-East Asia. Moreover, the captains of the first Portuguese ships to reach the Spice Islands from Malacca placed the islands too far to the east thus risking Spanish claims that they fell within Spain’s area of influence. When in 1621, the ship Victoria, the sole survivor of Magallan’s expedition around the world, appeared in the Spice Islands it bought the Spaniards into direct competition with the Portuguese. A potential clash was avoided when the Spaniards turned their attention to the Philippines and left the Spice Islands to the Portuguese.
Despite this activity in the region, information about the discoveries made was only slowly incorporated on maps of the region published in Europe.

Over the next 350 years, cartographers of many European nationalities were to contribute to the mapping of South-East Asia. The best known of the European visitors to the region were the great circumnavigators such as Ferdinand Magellan, Sir Francis Drake, Joris van Spilbergen, William Dampier, George Anson, James Cook and Louis de Freycinet.

A survivor of Magellan’s expedition, Francesco Pigafetta, was responsible for one of the earliest map of the Philippines and the Spice Islands. The Dutchman, Jan Huighen van Linschoten (1563-1610), spent five years as secretary to the Archbishop of Goa and made a notable contribution with his book Itenerario and maps of South East Asia prepared in 1595 with help of material provided from Portuguese sources. Alexander Dalrymple, John Crawfurd, Jean Marie Dayot, and James Horsburgh all spent much of their working lives in the region.

Java's contact with the European colonial powers began in 1522 with a treaty between the Sunda kingdom and the Portuguese in Malacca. After its failure, the Portuguese presence was confined to Malacca, and to the eastern islands.
In 1596, a four-ship expedition led by Cornelis de Houtman was the first Dutch contact with Indonesia.
Once the Dutch East Indian company V.O.C. was established in Batavia, very detailed mapping became available.
One of the earliest detailed maps was made by Reland and Published by Gerard Van Keulen in 1753.

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Atlas der Nederlandsche bezittingen in Oost-Indie.
This formidable atlas reflects the topographical survey and the prosperous state of the Dutch colonies. It's production was a governmental affair and should be regarded as a follow up to the atlas by Melvill van Carnbée and Versteeg. In most cases,the atlas is loose-leaf because the sheets were published in installments.

The atlas contained 14 double page lithographed maps, in colour; with legenda; inset plans of several cities, i.a. Batavia, Semarang, Soerabaja, Makasser, Amboina; maps: Java & Madoera, West Java, Midden Java, Oost Java, Noord Sumatra, Midden Sumatra, Zuid Sumatra, Banka/ Billiton/ Riouw, Noord Borneo, Zuid Borneo, Celebes, Kl. Soenda Eilanden, de Molukken & Overzichtskaart Ned.-Oost Indischen Archipel.

The most extensive collection of maps of South East Asia was THE DAVID PARRY COLLECTION including 250 maps from the 15-th to 19th century, which sold at Sotheby's in 2012 for GBP 223,250.00

This magnificent collection included nearly all the major printed maps of the region from the fifteenth to the twentieth century. The earliest cartographical data on Southeast Asia comes from the second-century Alexandrian Claudius Ptolemaeus, whose treatise Geographia held sway throughout the early Renaissance. The work outlines a projection of the spherical world upon a flat surface. For Asia, Ptolemy divided the continent into twelve parts, the eleventh devoted to Southeast Asia. 
In the fifteenth century, his work was used to create the first printed maps of the region. The collection boasts examples from the Rome (1478), Ulm (1482), and Sylvanus (1511) editions of Ptolemy. With Columbus's discovery of the New World in 1492, and da Gama's voyage to India in 1498, Ptolemy was found wanting, causing cartographers to produce new maps based on better information. 
The first such "modern" map of Asia was produced by Waldseemüller for his 1513 atlas. The collection includes this in its reworked form by Lorenz Fries, who was responsible for the first modern map to deal with Southeast Asia as a cartographic entity, representing a definitive break from Ptolemy. By the end of the 1520s, Portugal, from its Malacca stronghold, had cornered the lucrative spice trade. To protect their monopoly, the Portuguese suppressed cartographic information concerning the Indies, and map publishers had to glean any new information from the accounts of intrepid travelers, such as Pigafetta, whose memoir of Magellan's voyage was used by both Münster for his map of Asia (the first depiction of the continent) of 1540, and by Gastaldi in his 1548 map of Southeast Asia, depicting Singapore for the first time.
Six years later, Gastaldi engraved another map of Southeast Asia, published in Ramusio's Delle navigioni et viaggi, which drew upon the latest logs of the Iberian explorers and, with his map of 1561, it represents an improved model of the area that would influence both Mercator and Ortelius.
The birth of Dutch cartography is closely linked with the country's emergence as a nation-state, its forays into the spice trade, and the weakening of the Iberian hold over the East Indies. In 1570, Ortelius published his Theatrum, the first modern atlas containing a continental and regional map which name Taiwan for the first time. Ten years later, the Dutch Republic was at war with its Spanish masters and was cut off from the spice trade by the Iberian embargo on Dutch shipping. However, by the end of the century, the Dutch had repelled sustained Spanish attacks and gained a foothold in the East Indies.
The endeavour was aided by Jan Huygen van Linschoten, who accessed confidential Portuguese manuscript charts detailing the trade route to the East Indies, and who printed the resulting map in 1596. This map and others by Lodewijcksz and De Bry represent the end of Iberian hegemony over Southeast Asia.

The beginning of the seventeenth century saw the resulting growth of the VOC, the Dutch East India Company. The period also witnessed the golden age of Dutch cartography, with the rise of the two great houses of Blaeu and Hondius-Janssonius.
The collection includes some of their finest work, including Hondius's beautiful "Insulae Indiae Orientalis", Janssonius's "Indiae Orientalis Nova Descripto"; and Blaeu's "India quae Orientalis". In the second half of the century, the printed sea chart became prominent.
Arguably, its greatest exponent was Robert Dudley, and the collection boasts four of his finest charts.
In Amsterdam, meanwhile, Janssonius produced his Atlas Maritimus which, by 1657, included charts of Java, Sumatra, and Borneo. Where Janssonius led, many followed, including Pieter Goos, whose stunning "Paskaerte zynde t'Oosterdeel" is included in the collection.
Thévenot's superb chart and three charts from The English Pilot, bear witness to the emergence of France and England as challengers to the Dutch dominance of cartography, although all four maps are based upon the Portuguese and Dutch manuscript material. The Dutch still held sway in the archipelago at the dawn of the eighteenth century, but their grip on the cartographic field had been loosened by the growth of map-making in France, England and Germany.
In 1726 Dutch cartographic secrecy surrounding the East Indies came to an end, when Valentijn published the confidential VOC charts. The collection contains several fine examples of these charts.
For the remainder of the century and the whole of the next, the output of these three nations was prolific, and the collection reflects their increasing dominance of cartography. Of particular note are Moll's large folio maps of the East Indies of 1717, and Mannevillette's chart of Java. Ptolemaeus, Claudius and Buckinck, Arnold, Tabula Asiae XI, Rome, 1478 Ptolemaeus, Claudius and Holle, Lienhart, Tabula Asiae XI, Ulm, 1482 Ptolemaeus, Claudius and Sylvanus, Beradus, [Southeast Asia], Undecima Asiae Tabula, Venice, 1511 Ptolemaeus, Claudius and Waldseemuller, Martin, Tabula Asiae XI, Strasburg, 1513 Ptolemaeus, Claudius and Fries, Lorenz, Tabula XI Asiae, Strasbourg, 1522 Ptolemaeus, Claudius and Fries, Lorenz, Tabu. Moder. 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