Mappa Generalis regni Hungariae by Janos Lipszky.


Mappa Generalis regni Hungariae partiumque adnexarum Croatiae, Slavoniae et Confiniorum Militarium Magni item PrincipatusTransylvaniae geometricis partium dimensionibus, recentissimisque astronomicis observationibus. . . Published: Vienna, Gebrüder Kilian Pest bzw Kunst- und Industrie-Comptoir Wien, 1811. Size: 70.9 x 88.6 inches. / 180.0 x 225.0 cm.

Published: Vienna, Gebrüder Kilian Pest bzw Kunst- und Industrie-Comptoir Wien, 1806.
Size: 70.9 x 88.6 inches. / 180 x 225 cm.

Copper engraved map, printed on 12 sheets, intersected and pasted on linen (total 96 segments). The map itself is on 9 sheets, measuring approx. 138 x 213 cm. Underneath with 3 sheets (each 27 cm high) with statistical data, which are designed to be attached below the map.
The map has been engraved by G. and F. Prixner Karacs.

In the upper left is a beautifully engraved title, and in the lower part, a scale cartouche, both with figural representations. Different scales are listed (Germanica Hungarica Millar, Millar Polonica, Gallica Millar, Millar Italica, Anglica Millar, Millar Russica.)

This map has been sold

LipskyAt the beginning of the 19th century, following the works of others in the previous century, Janos Lipszky (1766-1826), a Hungarian hussar officer, compiled and published, in print the first complete general map of the Hungarian Empire (Mappa generalis regni Hungariae, (1804-1808), together with the complete index of all settlements and other geographical names in it (Repertorium, 1808), and an overview map (Tabula generalis regni Hungariae, 1810). Even now, researchers favor Janos Lipszky's map due to its unprecedented completeness and accuracy, while people, fond of beautiful maps, find aesthetic an experience while browsing it. Due to the great interest in the map, its complete copies are available almost exclusively only in public collections.

Reference: Reisz T. Csaba, The Giants of Hungarian Cartography.