The Map Bar

Take a break and pop in at The Map Bar. A metaverse bar where you meet other collectors, with plenty of maps on the wall.
Agenda: Each Tuesday map meeting at 1 PM (Eastern Time) or Amsterdam 7 PM.

A one-hour chat meeting with another map enthusiast to discuss the latest discovered maps, rumors, and questions you might have.



Connect your map collection
Enjoy and share your maps with your friends and other map collectors!

On the site, collectors can make their collection available in a metaverse gallery. A visit to the meta gallery is free, and adding your maps is fun and easy to do. Visitors can speak with each other (and you can access it through a browser, so no headset is required).

If you are an existing client of Paulus Swaen and want us to do so, then we are happy to install your gallery free of charge, add some of your historical purchases and add your gallery to the Meta4Maps gallery list.

We will create your gallery using your existing Paulus Swaen Username and send your a password and a direct link to your meta map collection gallery. After that, you can add and delete items to your liking. You will have and keep full control of your gallery.