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We are excited to inform you that Paulus Swaen and New World Cartographic (Chicago) have joined forces to be able to offer more Americana, posters, ephemera, and other rare papers! The sales will be hosted on www.rarepapersales.com. All your Paulus Swaen account details are continuously viewable in the RarePaperSales Buyer Center

about us
About Paulus Swaen

The firm was founded by Pierre Joppen (to the left) in 1978 in the Netherlands and in 1996 we moved to Florida, where the Internet auction was added that year. >>>>
You can buy items in our online BuyNow catalog and see what is currently available.

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The Map Bar

Every Tuesday 1PM EST or 19.00 Amsterdam, meet in The Map Bar at Meta4Maps.com, a metaverse meeting point with plenty of antique maps on the wall to have a chat with other map enthusiasts.

mapping of
The mapping of...

Several short articles about the history of maps of Arabia, Australia, Canada, China, Hungary, Minorca, Japan, Korea, Malta, Mer d'Ouest, Northwest Passage, Poland, Russia, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

Mapmakers and explorers

Sometimes, maps become more famous than their makers. Many cartographers only become famous after they’ve created a masterpiece.
Still, others make a famous map, then disappear from history forever.

Selling your prints and maps
Selling your maps, prints or posters

Among our clients are collectors, museums, and dealers worldwide who are constantly looking for fine-quality items.
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Title pages
The Curated Collection

This is a collection of carefully selected old and rare maps, which are all graded with 8-10 stars in the HiBCoR grading system
This carefully selected list of old and rare maps, atlas and books have all in common that they are extraordinary items that make a difference to any collection.

catalog archive
Catalog Archive

Paulus Swaen maintains an archive of sold items, including HR images. Most map images are not restricted by copyright and can be used freely, as most are in the public domain. These historically achieved prices can help understand the pricing development of old maps and help with placing bids.

Articles about maps
Read our short articles

If you are interested in the backgrounds of antique maps, prints, mapmakers, etc. then you should read our short but informative articles >>>>
Or other subjects such as posters, old prints, Nuremberg Chronicle, optical prints, medieval manuscripts, trading companies, etc.