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Publisher: ANONYMOUS.
Title: La Crise salutaire.
Published in: Paris, 1814
Size: 9.4 x 5.9 inches.
23.8 x 15.1 cm.

In original colours.
Condition: In good condition, a little age toned, some old fixings on verso showing through. In an old age toned off white mount.
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In this` fine French caricature we see Napoleon seated in side profile to the left on an ornate chair-commode, clasping his knees, benign forward to vomit into a bowl held by a large doctor (larger in scale than his patient).
The doctor wears a long black gown and a centre- parted wig, which frames his face - he looks fixedly over Napoleon's head with a sly smile. In his left hand he holds on a salver and a bottle marked 'potion suivant l'ordon' (potion according to order) .
The chair and the doctor are on a small rectangular dais of four steps. On and beside the dais are rolled documents, two maps, one of France showing the Mediterranean, the other the Ocean, the other two which are completely rolled up are Suisse and Moscow. The ornate chair has a large "N" surmounted by an owl. It is not patterned by bees but by drops of blood (or tears), and is topped by a crown formed of bones and skulls, at the apex is a larger skull.

Beneath the caricature is French text, which roughly translates as follows: Buonaparte "Doctor, see what condition I am in , I took blood baths, did mass lifting and nothing worked for me..., which regime should I follow? Still the current one isn't it?!"
Doctor "No, .you must go back to the old regime."
Buonaparte "Please give me some conscripts, you will save me."
Doctor "You will save yourself without it , you took too much. Evacuating is your last resource!"
Buonaparte "I'm only evacuating from Moscow to Paris!"
Doctor So much the better, we have to give something back."

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ANONYMOUS. -  La Crise salutaire.
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ANONYMOUS. - La Crise salutaire.

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