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Publisher: AMMANN, Hans Jacob
Title: Reiß in das Gelobte Land ... Mit nach dreyen andern Reißbeschreibungen vermehret, und schönen Kupfern gezieret.
Published in: Zürich, M. Schauffelberger Erbin, 1678
Size: 6.7 x 4.1 inches.
17.0 x 10.5 cm.

Condition: Octavo, contemp. vellum, stained and spine contemporarily renewed. - Browned, heavily finger-stained, in places brown or water stained throughout. The folding plates, slightly cleaned with a few repaired tears along the folds, plate 2 (Batavia) right hand margin trimmed to neat line, with extended margin. Fronts. bound before “Americanische Reis-Beschreibung”.
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Very rare first illustrated edition of collected travel accounts by citizens of Zürich, containing : Hans Jacob Amman, "Narrative of a trip to Palestine". The work had been published in 1618 and 1630.

In addition to Ammann's journey, the book contains three other each with its own title page: H.J. Zeller and H. Huser's, "A new description of the island of Jamaica", (with) Felix-Christian Spori's "American travel account to the Caribbean Islands and New England" (with) Hans-Jacob Zur Eich's [i.e. W.J. Muller] "African travel journal to Fetu on the African Gold Coast."

BOUND WITH the rare, first edition’ of Albrecht Herport “Short description of India with Dutch voyages to China, Formosa, Pagan Taiwan.” Albrecht Herport’s eyewitness accounts, in particular about Dutch Formosa (Taiwan) in 1662 and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) are important. (Howgego).

Including a fine copper engraving (142 x 181mm.) of the siege of Fort Zeelandia of 1661–1662 which ended the Dutch East India Company's rule over Taiwan and began the Kingdom of Tungning's rule over the island. Taiwanese scholar Lu Chien-jung described this event as "a war that determined the fate of Taiwan in the four hundred years that followed".
The copper engraving is based on a drawing by A. Herport and the viewer is looking south from Baxemboy. The engraving has a key: Number 1 is the fortress, number 2, hardly visible up on the hill, marks the redoubt Utrecht. Number 3 is the city, number 4 is the wooden bulwark the Company forces managed to set up in November. Number 6 is Sakkam and fort Provintia, on the other side of the water. Number 8 is the exploding Hector, attacked from all sides by Chinese junks. This was probably added just for dramatic effect.
Signed in the plate : drawing by A. Herport, design by Wilhelm Stedler and engraved by Conrad Meyer.
Reference : Ilha Formosa the Emergence of Taiwan on the World of Science in the 17th century, page 96.

H. J. AMMANN. - Reiß in das Gelobte Land ... Mit nach dreyen andern Reißbeschreibungen vermehret, und schönen Kupfern gezieret. Zürich, M. Schauffelberger Erbin, 1678. With Portrait of Ammann, title page, Bericht an den Leser, Vorrede, Index and a folding plan of Jerusalem (162x123mm.). (8) lvs., 192 pp. Third, very rare first illustrated edition. The work had been published in 1618 and 1630.
Reference.: VD17 547: 718756B, Tobler 93, Röhricht 236.

F.-C. SPÖRI - Americanische Reis=Beschreibung Nach den Caribes Insslen und Neu=Engelland. Bey Michael Schauffelbergers sel. Erbin, durch Johannes Bachmann, Zurich 1677. Title, 90 pp.

H. J. zur EICH. Africanische Reissbeschreibung in die Landschaft Letu. ... . Michael Schauffelbergers seligen Erbin, durch Johannes Bachmann ( Zurich) 1677. Title, pp. (91) to 174, with one engraving.

BOUND WITH A.HERPORT - Eine kurtze Ost-Indianische Reiß-Beschreibung Darinnen Vieler Ost-Indianischen Insulen und Landtschafften Gelegenheit, der Einwohneren Sitten und Gottes-Dienst, allerley Früchten und wilden Thieren beschaffenheit ... zu finden. Bern, G. Sonnleitner, 1669. With engraved front. title, (12) pp., (1 blank) lv., (2), 242, (2) pp. of index instead of 3 and 9 folded copper plate engravings based on drawings by A. Herport, with design by Wilhelm Stedler and engraved by Conrad Meyer.
First edition. Rare. The landscape painter Albrecht Herport (1641-1730), who came from Bern, set out for Batavia in 1659 as a soldier in the Dutch East India Company (VOC). He sailed out in the ship Malacca to Batavia, surviving an attack by pirates on the way. His journal covered a variety of topics including indigenous people and customs, religious and pagan rituals, descriptions of wild animals and vegetation, as well as eyewitness accounts of wars between the Dutch and the East Indian locals and Chinese conquests.
His work "is particularly valuable for its highly detailed accounts of the Dutch expulsion from Formosa in 1662 among other Dutch military campaigns in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) with which Herport was personally associated" (Howgego).
With folding views and plans for the Cape of Good Hope, Batavia, Formosa (fortress Zeelandia), Ceylon, Cochin and others.
Ref.: VD17 39: 129117V, Landwehr, VOC 310, see. Cordier, BJ 383 (Dutch edition).

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AMMANN, Hans Jacob -  Reiß in das Gelobte Land ... Mit nach dreyen andern Reißbeschreibungen vermehret, und schönen Kupfern gezieret.
AMMANN, Hans Jacob - Reiß in das Gelobte Land ... Mit nach dreyen andern Reißbeschreibungen vermehret, und schönen Kupfern gezieret. high resolution image of old map
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AMMANN, Hans Jacob - Reiß in das Gelobte Land ... Mit nach dreyen andern Reißbeschreibungen vermehret, und schönen Kupfern gezieret.

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