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Publisher: BÜNTING, H.
Title: Itinerarium sacrae scripturae. . .
Published in: Magdeburg, 1591
Size: 14.6 x 17.8 inches.
37.0 x 45.2 cm.

Condition: First title in red and black, 12 woodcut maps, etc. mostly double page. Four parts in one. 240, register, 102, register, 34,23pp. Bound in contemp. blind-stamped vellum over bevelled boards wooden boards. Brass corner pieces (3 pieces are missing).
Usual browning and staining throughout. Nevertheless a very desirable item.

Condition Rating

An relatively early edition of this famous book including a world map in the form of a clover leaf (Shirley 142). The three principal continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, are arranged in the form of a clover leaf with Jerusalem at the center. Three countries lie outside this trefoil: England, Scandinavia, and in the lower left hand corner, America. Sea monsters and mermaids adorn this uniquely designed cartographical curiosity.
Other land mark maps caricatures Asia in the form of Pegasus and Europe in the form of a Queen.
Other maps are of the Holy Land, Egypt, and views of Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon.
Bünting rewrote the Bible as a travel book, the last part describing the coinage of biblical times.
The "Itinerarium" was an exceedingly popular work, running to ten editions in seven languages over a period of seventy years from its first publication.
Together with: Uber das Buch Josua:
Together with: De monetis et mensuris sacrae scripturae..

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Bunting was born in Hannover, Germany, in 1545 and studied at Wittenberg University. He became a pastor at Gronau and noted Protestant theologian. This book, first published in 1581, is his most famous work and is in fact one of the rarest despite running to a number of editions in different languages. At least two further new blocks were produced in 1595 and in 1610.

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BÜNTING, H. -  Itinerarium sacrae scripturae. . .
BÜNTING, H. - Itinerarium sacrae scripturae. . . high resolution image of old map
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BÜNTING, H. - Itinerarium sacrae scripturae. . .

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