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Publisher: WILLIAMS, Chr.
Title: Anti-dandy infantry triumphant or the velocipede cavalry unhobby'd. (pl 353)
Published: London, 1819

Size: 8.5 x 12.8 inches.
21.5 x 32.5 cm.
Colouring: In original colours.
Condition:  Hand-coloured etching, in very good condition. Paper size 260x425mm
 Condition Rating

Scene on a high-road passing through a village. Those who see their livelihood threatened by mechanical transport attack the riders of velocipedes.
In the foreground a dismounted dandy lies on his back, while a fat veterinary surgeon stands with one foot on his chest, squirting a syringe into his mouth. A stalwart blacksmith is breaking the machine into small pieces.
The dandy, who is very thin, with a wasp waist, exclaims:
"I swear by my stays, I never will mount a Hobby again! don't now you'll take all the stiffening out of my collar and frill." The man answers: "I'll only give you a dose to make you remember! and if ever I catch you again you shall swallow all the contents of my shop!"
The smith says: "That's right Doctor! if we don't exterminate these Hobbies, you'll never have to bleed or drench or I to shoe." Behind him (left) are houses bordering a village street. The mistress and maid of an inn, with 'Man and Horse taken in' over the gate, watch delightedly. Next door is a smithy: 'Anvil Smith and Farrier &c.', adjoining the thatched and gabled cottage of 'Drench Veterinary Surgeon Cows Asses & Dogs cured'.

In the middle distance an ostler prises a dandy out of his seat with a pitchfork; he shouts: "Dn you but I'll spoil your sitting! if the Doctor can't get horses to dose he shall have asses to plaster! Dn me! I shall never have an opportunity of cheating a horse of his corn any more if these Hobbies come in Use." The road curves to the left and recedes in perspective, a sign-post pointing 'To Coventry'. A man eggs on a dog to attack a retreating hobby-rider; and a tiny fugitive in the distance shouts: "Dick! steer clear of the Blacksmiths in the next village and put up your Hobby where there is no stabling."

After the title:
"Then beware Hobby Horsemen, beware of yr fate
"Dismount from your Hobbies before t'is too late,
"For Farmers, horse doctors and horses providers,
"Cry down wooden horses & down walking riders,
whoa hobby, down hobby down."

Charles Williams (active 1796-1830) was a British printmaker. In particular, he was a prolific etcher of satires to his own or others' designs. Almost all of his plates are unsigned. In later years he worked for different publishers simultaneously, including Fores, E. Walker, members of the Knight family, and Tegg (from 1807).

Reference: BM Satires 13412.

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 Anti-dandy infantry triumphant or the velocipede cavalry unhobby'd. (pl 353) - WILLIAMS, Chr.

Anti-dandy infantry triumphant or the velocipede cavalry unhobby'd. (pl 353) - WILLIAMS, Chr.
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Item category: Prints / Drawings | Decorative Prints

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