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Publisher: VALK, G.
Title: Nova totius geographica telluris projectio. . .
Published: Amsterdam, ca. 1711

Size: 21.3 x 13.0 inches.
54.0 x 33.0 cm.
Colouring: In attractive strong original colours.
Condition:  Folio, in contemp. red half-sheepskin binding. Atlas composed of an allegorical title and 24 double page maps in fine original colouring.
 Condition Rating

This is the first atlas of Gerard Valk, publisher, engraver and manufacturer of globes in Amsterdam. The latter joined in 1673 Petrus Schenck for the publication of maps. In 1683, they acquired a part of the stock of Joan Blaeu, and founded in 1700 their own company. The association between the two families will continue until the middle of the 18th century.
We did not locate a copy of this atlas as of 1706. The copies cited by Koeman and Phillips are not dated. Koeman also specifies that, according to the copies, the number of maps can vary between 25 and 100.
No copy at the British Library.

World map, Europe, the British Isles, Scandinavia (by Sanson), the Kingdom of Denmark, White Russia or Muscovy (by Sanson), the Kingdom of France (by Sanson), Teutschland (by Schenck), Rheni tractus, Princeps Danubius, Circuli Austriaci, Circulus Suevicus, the seventeen provinces of the Netherlands, Circulus Saxoniae Inferioris, Saxonia Circulus Superioris, Helvetiorum Reipublicae, Estates of Poland (by Sanson), Livoniae and Curlandiae, Totius Regni Hispaniae and Portugalliae (by Sanson), Italy (by Sanson), Empire of the Great Lord of the Turks (by Sanson), Asia, Africa, America. All are signed Valk, with the exception of eight maps (seven from Sanson and one from Schenck).

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Item category: Atlases

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