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Publisher: MONDHARE, J.L.
Title: Unique world atlas by Louis Joseph Mondhare.
Published in: Paris, ca. 1785
Size: 25.6 x 20.9 inches.
65.0 x 53.0 cm.

In original o/l colours.
Condition: Elephant folio. Title-page, blank table of maps, 40 maps and 13 Tables Geographiques. Modern brown calf, raised gilted spine with red morocco title label. Printed on heavy paper. The maps in original out line colours. Very good throughout.
Condition Rating

The atlas seems to be an attempt to publish a folio world atlas, maybe on Pierre Jean’s initiative. So far, it is the only known example of a folio world atlas published by Mondhare. He used maps, title and table of Sanson/Jaillot ‘s Atlas nouveau but considerably updated the world map and the continents. The date has been changed in 1785 for the first 6 maps and the name of Mondhare added on the World, Europe, Africa, North and South America maps. Now the routes of the explorers since Magellan untill Cook, are shown on the world and continents maps. The Mer de l’Ouest (Sea of the West) has been added on the America map. The world map is now decorated with 4 circular astronomical diagrams.

Louis Joseph Mondhare (1734-99) was a native of Bougy (Normandy), but he worked in Paris from 1759 until his death as an engraver, publisher, map and print seller. He maintained offices in Paris and Cadiz. From June 1784 onwards he worked in association with his son-in-law Pierre Jean, a print seller. He published a school atlas Atlas Général a l'usage des colleges et maisons d'éducation, several smaller atlases and the wall maps of Clouet.

- Title-page from Hubert Jaillot Atlas Nouveau, contenant toutes les parties du Monde, ou sont exactement remarqués les empires, monarchies, royaumes, estats, republiques, dated 1692.
- Engraved contents page "Table des cartes etc : du Sr. Sanson. Contenues dans Ce Vollume". The centre part has remained empty. Beautifully old coloured.

- Mappe-Monde Geo-Hydrographique, ou Description Generale du Globe Terrestre et Aquatique en Deux Plans-Hemispheres ; ... Par le sieur Sanson, Geographe ordinaire du roy. 1785. Revue Corrigée et Augmentée des Nouvelles Decouvertes et des Voyages des Plus Celebres Navigateurs dans la Mer du Sud et au Nord de l'Asie.  1785. A Paris chez Mondhare rue St. Jean de Beauvais.
Unknown world map in double-hemisphere projection after Jaillot, including the routes of Magellan, Mendaña, Tasman, Le Maire, Halley, Furneaux, Bougainville, and, of course, Cook. One of the most recent discoveries recorded on the map are the Sandwich Islands, or Hawaii. It was known by 1785 that Cook had perished there, making the islands of considerable interest to Europeans.
The map is featured by the M. de l’Ouest “Sea of the West”
Ornated around the edge with 4 astronomical diagrams representing the solar systems theories of Ptolemy, Tycho Brahe, Copernicus and a composite system.

- L’Europe divisée… chez Mondhare, 1785. Tracks of Cook, Clark and Gore
- L’Asie divisée… , 1785. Tracks of Cook, Clark, Gore and route of the Spanish fleet from Manilla to Acapulco.
- L’Afrique divisée… et présentement chez Mondhare rue St. Jean de Beauvais, 1785. Tracks of  Furneaux, Cook and Clark.
- Amérique Septentrionale divisée…, 1785.
“The most notable difference is the addition of the date 1785 to the title and the presence of a MER OU BAYE DE L’OUEST. Jaillot’s imprint is removed from the scale cartouche lower left leaving the  privilege. Further additions to the cartography of the north west can be found. The Route de Cook et Clarke en 1778 is added to the Pacific. Boston is finally added to the map however; the cartography of the south east remains Francophile. Despite this leaning there is still no reference to New Orleans founded in 1718. AMERIQUE SEPTENTRIONALE is written across the middle and FLORIDE is replaced by LOUISIANE. Several more minor alterations are also made.”
Burden, Corrigenda and Addenda : Jaillot, State 6.
- Amérique méridionale…, 1785. With routes of  Magellan, Mendana, Fernand Quiros, Le Maire,  Comodore Biron, Saint Antoine, Bougainville, Furneaux, Cook, St. Louis, Mr Halley.
- Les Isles Britanniques... H. jaillot, 1692
- Le Royaume d’Angleterre... H. Jaillot, 1693
- Le Royaume d’Ecosse... H. Jaillot, 1693
- Le Royaume d’Irlande... H. Jaillot, 1693
- Carte de la Manche... H. Jaillot, 1692
- La Scandinavie... H. Jaillot, 1696
- Le Royaume de Danemark ou sont les Isles de Seelande... H. Jaillot, 1692
- La Russie Blanche  ou Moscovie... H. Jaillot, 1692
- Le Royaume de France... H. Jaillot, 1692
- La Bretagne... le Sr. Sanson, 1696
- Le Gouvernement General de Picardie... H. Jaillot, 1692
- Le Gouvernement General de l’Isle de France ... ... H. Jaillot, 1692
- Gouvernement General de Paris... H. Jaillot, 1692
- Gouvernement General de Champagne... H. Jaillot, 1692
- Le Gouvernement  d’Orleans... H. Jaillot, 1693
- Le Gouvernement General du Dauphiné... ... H. Jaillot, 1692
- Gouvernement General de Provence... H. Jaillot, 1692
- Le Duché et Gouvernement de Normandie... I. B. Nolin, 1742
- Le Comté d’Artois... H. Jaillot, 1696
- La Franche-Comté... H. Jaillot, 1692
- La Lorraine... H. Jaillot, 1692
- L’Alsace... H. Jaillot, 1692
- Carte particuliere des Postes de France... H. Jaillot, 1693
- L’Espagne... H. Jaillot, 1692
- Principauté de Catalogne… H. Jaillot, 1696
- L’Italie Divisée... H. Jaillot, 1692
- Les Estats de Savoye et de Piemont... I.B. Nolin, 1691
- Partie du Duché de Milan... H. Jaillot, 1692
- Les Monts Pyrenées ... H. Jaillot, 1691
- Les Montagnes des Alpes... H. Jaillot, 1692
- Le Royaume de Naples... I. B. Nolin
- La Sicile... H. Jaillot, 1692
- Le Golfe de Venise... H. Jaillot, 1693
- La Mer Méditerranée... H. Jaillot, 1696

Some samples of maps in this atlas :

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MONDHARE, J.L. -  Unique world atlas by Louis Joseph Mondhare.
MONDHARE, J.L. - Unique world atlas by Louis Joseph Mondhare. high resolution image of old map
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MONDHARE, J.L. - Unique world atlas by Louis Joseph Mondhare.

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