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The next auction will be February 11 - 18, 2020. help
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One of the many items available for immediate sale is Robert Pichon - Outstanding "art deco" gouache from the workshop of Robert Pichon (Paris). The workshop specialized in graphic design for advertising, and R. Pichon, active in the years 1910-1940, worked for the Lorilleux printing house for which he created many models in 1920/1930.
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Interesting articles about old maps, Medieval manuscripts
In our Articles about Antique maps, prints, collecting tips and Medieval manuscripts we tell more about the backgrounds of the different subjects. Learn more about town plans, colouring, soil maps, the Trading companies, atlases, Test your map skills, etc.

Looking for an antique map by a particular mapmaker : Aveline - Basset - Willem   Joan Blaeu - Bowen - Buache - de Bry - Coronelli - Desnos - Doncker - Ferrario - Garnier - J.B.Homann - Henricus Hondius - Johannes Janssonius - Langenes - Levasseur - Lotter - Mercator - Milbert - Pierre Mortier - Abraham Ortelius - Le Rouge - Nicolas Sanson - Hartmann Schedel - Seutter - Isaac Tirion - Vaugondy - Waghenaer - Frederik de Wit

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HiBCoR grades a map in a scale of 1 to 10. This valuation is based by the combination of Historical significance, Beauty, Condition and Rarity. As a result an extremely rare map in poor condition still grades higher than a common map in very good condition. A grading system can help collectors to set their focus.
The grading is also reflected in the price, and a map in fine original colors grades higher than one in modern colors and valuates double in price !
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Description geographique, historique, chronologique, politique, et physique de l'empire de la Chine et de la Tartarie chinoise.
DU HALDE, Jean Baptiste.
Paris, P. G. Le Mercier, 1735
Price: $ 45,000

CARTE de la Côte Occidentale de COREE, Plan Croquis de la Rivière HAN-KANG ou de SEOUL, depuis son Embouchure jusqu'à Séoul, dressée en 1866 par ordre du C.A. ROZE. . .
Paris, 1868
Price: $ 1,750

Virulus marinus. Cete (Whale and whaling scene)
COLLAERT, Adriaen (after)
Antwerp, after 1598
Price: $ 300

Selling your maps
Paulus Swaen Internet Auction is the first internet auction specializing in old maps, Medieval manuscripts and prints. It is a unique place for buying and selling old maps, atlases, books, and medieval manuscripts.
We have been in the map business for 40 years! [+more]

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