What is a Virtual Map Collection / Wish List ?

- Found a nice map?
- Thinking about buying later on?
- Keep track of what you want.
- Seeing all items you bought from Paulus Swaen in one place.

Create your Virtual Map Collection!
With Virtual Map collection you can save and collect your favorite maps in one place by simply pressing a button!
You can delete an item from your list at any time.

Save any of the 20.000+ maps, prints or Medieval manuscripts to build your own Virtual Map collection.

It is free, and anyone can create his or her Virtual map collection. You have to be registered and logged in to make use of this function.
Registering is free and you do not need a credit card.

Wish List
If an item has been sold in the past and you want a free update when this or a similar item comes available add the item to Your Wish List.

By default, we automatically send you an email when similar items come up in one of our quarterly auctions. Change your email notification setting here if you do not want to receive such an email.

You have to be registered and logged in to make use of this function.
Note : WishList does not replace the BidPage during a sale.

Where can I see my selected items ?
Your selected items can be accessed by clicking on the Virtual Map Collection / Wish List icon, anywhere shown on the website.
Here you will see ALL the maps you purchased from Paulus Swaen over the recent years.
In addition, all your purchased items and certificates are also found on My Invoices