Zoomable images

zoom old map image
Paulus Swaen has nothing to hide. Our images can be zoomed in 3 to 5 times; making our high-resolution images the most detailed in the online auction business.
You are able to see the image in "full-screen mode" as well.

Note The zoom function will be disabled 2 hours before the closing of the auction!

Download the image on your local system
We make our images freely available for download and, or study. Feel free to download the image on your local system. *IMPORTANT NOTE: Saving locally is supported by Firefox and Chrome, however, at this time it is not supported by Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari. Also note that the image file saved will be a JPEG.

If you download and publish our images on the web, or social media sites please give credit to "Paulus Swaen auction & galleries".