High resolution image download.


Paulus Swaen maintains an archive of most of our high-resolution rare maps, prints, posters and medieval manuscript scans. We make them freely available for download and study.

Most of our maps are not restricted by copyright and can be used freely. We however do not give permission to sell the scans and they should be used in the public domain.

We do appreciate credit for our work in scanning and editing the image.
Should you wish to credit us, please use the following credit line: Courtesy of Paulus Swaen Rare Antique Maps (www.swaen.com).


You can save the image by hitting the save button and of course the resulting image can be edited in any image editing program to further format or crop its contents.

Saving locally to your computer is supported by Firefox and Chrome, however, at this time it is not supported by Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari. Also, note that the image file saved will be a JPEG.