Are you trying to find a gift for someone with impeccable taste who already has everything they need? Well, how about giving them a beautiful and rare map or globe. It’s a unique and elegant gift that doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
Some cost no more than $ 100, whilst the rarest old maps are priceless. A person who receives an original antique map should treasure it as it will probably gain much value in the forthcoming years.
Whether someone is already interested in antiques or not, giving them an old map, sea chart, atlas or globe will flatter their sense of good taste and refinement.

But where do you find such a treasure? And how do you choose between all the different types of antique maps for sale?
As a first step, look for a dealer or specialist that deals in antiques.
Make sure they are in business for many years and of good reputation. You need to be sure that a rare map is genuine and fairly valued.

Old maps range from hand-colored, richly illustrated fragile centuries-old antiques, to more modern maps. A large majority of them are in themselves works of art. You will find that many antique maps have already been mounted and framed, protecting them and making them ideal as a gift for a special occasion. Every rare map is unique and depicts the view of the world as envisioned by its creator. Through the ages, each new discovery of land and sea has been charted methodically, always tinged with the political and religious views of the time.
You will find something unique with meaning in every antique map to be presented as a gift, whether it is a depiction of the whole world, or particular regions such as towns and countries.

Sea charts are a specialist category of rare maps which would appeal to ancient mariners, or anyone with a connection with the sea.
Specifically drawn up for navigation purposes, they usually give depth soundings, compass readings and indicate any hazardous rocks and tricky straits and passages. Many of these old maps of the seas chart a particular trading route or an individual area such as the Caspian Sea.
Celestial charts depict the new discoveries and theories concerning the solar system, and are another wonderful category among antique maps. Some celestial charts show constellations, while others illustrate planet orbits or celestial spheres.

The property of antique maps and charts to be the perfect gift becomes very clear once you start moving in and out of their world.
There is such a wide range on offer that you are bound to find something relevant and meaningful.

Thus antique maps can prove to be unique and unusual gifts, and can also be a good choice for investment, and also objects of beauty and fascination.