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In our BUY-or-BID sale, you never pay more than the Buy price.

There are eight Buy or Bid sales per year. [See the agenda for 2023)

  • Items will be listed for eight days in the Buy-or-Bid Catalog.
  • Starting at 4PM EST (Amsterdam 22.00) you can purchase an item at the Buy price at any time, and the sale for this item has closed.
  • The "BidAsk spread" defines the gap between the minimum acceptable Bid and the Ask (buy) price of the items. A format successfully used on the stock exchange.  [Learn more]
  • You may bid lower on any item if you do not wish to pay the Buy price.
  • Items that have received bids within the BidAsk spread are sold at the highest bid at the sale's closing.
  • We use proxy bidding, so you never pay more than the minimum necessary to remain a high bidder. [Learn more]

  • For items that have received bids below the BidAsk spread, our sellers have two hours after the closing on whether to accept such bids. Generally, such bids are not accepted, and the item remains unsold.
  • Suppose the seller matches the below BidAsk bid. In that case, the bidder is under no obligation. He can cancel his initial bid at the latest within 24 hours after the closing, or the item is automatically added to the invoice.

  • An 18% commission will be added to the invoice, plus the shipping fee.
  • Unsold items are no longer available after the closing.

What is proxy bidding?
For bids entered within the BidAsk spread, we use the proxy-bidding process. Our system will act as your bidding agent by entering your bid competitively against other bidders.
You don’t have to worry about sitting at your computer to track the bidding process until the closing.
- You can bid the maximum price you would be willing to pay for an item.
- If there are no other bidders on a lot, the winning bid is always reduced to the lowest amount shown in the BidAsk spread.
- If another bid comes, the software will place a new bid following the bid increment every time someone else places a higher bid than you and will continue to do that until the sale ends and you win or the price goes over your set maximum.

-Proxy bidding takes the stress out of the bidding process; your maximum bid is always confidential, and you are getting the item at the lowest possible price.

My Buy-or-Bid Watch List
You can monitor the buying and bidding status in one convenient place: My Buy-or-Bid Watch List. Item Watch

Labels are used to show the Buy or Bid status :
These are samples for an item listed at a Buy price of $ 500 and a BidAsk Spread of $400-500

  • Your Bid: $500 Sold to you
    When you pay the Buy price of $ 500, the item is immediately sold to you, and the sale for this item is closed.
  • Your Bid: $400 Accepted
    The BidAsk spread ($400-$500) shows the range between the minimal accepted price and the Buy price. When you place a bid within the spread, the seller automatically accepts your bid, but the items only sell to you if no higher bid is received or the Buy price is paid before the closing.
  • Your Bid: $350 High BidBelow Spread
    When your bid is below the BidAsk spread, and you are the high bid holder, the items only sell to you if the seller decides to accept your offer within 2 hours after the closing.
  • Your Bid: $50 Below Spread
    When your bid is below the BidAsk spread, you have to increase your bid to be successful. Sellers usually do not accept bids below the BidAsk Spread.
  • Your Bid: $450 Outbid
    When your bid has been outbid by another user, increase your bid to be successful.
In short, your label has to stay green to be successful.

After the closing
Your purchased items and winning or losing bids are on My Buy-or-Bid Watch List. Item Watch
Labels are used to show the Buy or Bid status :

  • Items you have won have the label Sold to you
  • If you have placed bids below the BidAsk spread, you have to check My Buy-or-Bid Watch List within 2 to 24 hours after closing to see the status of your bids!
  •  High Bid I do not want this item
    When the seller has accepted a bid below the BidAsk spread, you can cancel this purchase by hitting the "I don't want this item item" button.
    Cancellation of a accepted bid below the BidAsk must be made at the latest 24 hours after the closing, or the item is automatically added to your invoice.
  • The invoice is available 2 hours after the closing of the sale.
  • When ready, go to the invoice & certificate section to download/print certificates and pay the invoice.

What happens with the unsold items?

Items who received bids below the BidAsk spread or whose offers are declined by the seller are no longer available after the sale has closed.

Maps and prints are usually shipped flat between solid cardboard or solid tubes. Shipping is extra. For parcels of more than 2kg, an additional fee applies. You are billed at the prevailing postal rate.
Postage by registered international priority mail
- Europe and North America, Canada is $ 25
- Asia and  Australia is $ 50  South America, Africa and remote islands is $ 70
- If you have an account with FedEx, DHL or UPS, we can send it using your account, and no shipping fee is added to your bill.
- Items will be shipped from our USA and Europe shipping hubs. The buyer is responsible for all applicable taxes, including any VAT, customs clearance, import duties, or equivalent costs arriving at the customer's home border. 

In the Client Center, you can update your billing address and shipping instructions and add or change your shipping address

Certificate of authenticityWarranty & Item descriptions
Paulus Swaen is active in the map trade for 45 years and we take great pride in making accurate descriptions.  We use keys to describe items. Please have a look here [+] 

We warranty the authenticity of each lot offered in our catalog. There is no time limitation to this guarantee.
- If no remarks are found regarding splits, tears, discoloration, etc, this means there are none to be found for the item!.
- Color is by hand, and we specify if the item is in "original colors" or recently colored ( colored). It is our goal to offer as many as possible items in original colors or original black and white condition.
- All items are carefully and personally examined before being packed "in-house" and shipped by UPS, DHL or USPS registered mail.

- We do not sell reproductions.

- Defects in lots have been carefully noted.

- A certificate of authenticity is provided for each acquired lot and can be downloaded from your invoice page.
- Go to invoice and certificate center

The buyers' terms and conditions are here. (Nederlandse versie)

Do you have quality antique maps, old master prints, or posters in your collection or stock:
Not sure who to sell to and where to go to get the best price?
We have been in business for 45 years. Among our clients are collectors, museums, and dealers worldwide who are constantly looking for fine-quality merchandise.
Please contact us or learn more about selling your maps in one of the Paulus Swaen Buy-or-Bid sales.

I hope you enjoy our new sales format.  Please contact us if you have suggestions, concerns, or questions.
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