What is Buy or Bid sale


In our BUY or BID sale, you never pay more than the Buy price, and you can place bids at any price you think is right and fair.

  • Items will be listed for 8 days in the catalog.
  • In the first 24 hours of the sale, users are able to add items to their "My Buy or Bid" Watch List.
  • After 24 hours you may purchase an item at the Buy price at any time and the sale for this item has closed.
  • If you do not wish to pay the Buy price you may also bid lower on any item.
  • The "Bid Ask Spread" is used to define the gap between the (minimum accepted) bid and the ask (Buy) prices of the items. A format successfully used on the stock exchange. [Read more]
  • Items that receive bids within the BidAsk Spread will be made available to the high bidder at the highest bid after the close of the sale.
  • An 18% commission (21,8% for EU customers) will be added to the invoice, plus the shipping fee.
  • Items that are unsold and which offers are declined by the seller are no longer available after the closing of the sale.

My buy-or-bid Item Watch
You can monitor the buying and bidding status on one convenient place: My buy-or-bid Item Watch watch list.

Several labels are used to show your buy or bid status :Sample for an item listed at a Buy price of $ 500 and a BidAsk spread of $400-500

  • Your Bid: $500 Sold to you
    When you pay the Buy price of $ 500 the item is sold immediately to you and the sale for this item is closed.
  • Your Bid: $400 Accepted
    The BidAsk spread ($400-$500) shows the range between the minimal accepted price and the Buy price. When you place a bid within the spread your bid is automatically accepted by the seller, but the items only sell to you if no higher bid is received prior to the closing.
  • Your Bid: $7 High Bid
    When you bid lower than the BidAsk spread and you are the high bid holder. Sellers usually do not accept bids lower than 50% of the Buy price.Seller can accept bids under the low BidAsk spread amount.
  • Your Bid: $450 Outbid
    When your bid has been outbid by another user.

Certificate of authenticityWe warranty the authenticity of each lot offered in our catalog. There is no time limitation to this guarantee.
- All items are carefully and personally examined before being packed "in-house" and shipped by DHL or registered mail.
- We do not sell reproductions.
- Defects in lots have been

carefully noted.
- If no remarks are found regarding, splits, tears, discoloration, etc; this means there are none to be found for the item!.
- Color is by hand, and we specify if the item is in "original colors" or "colored"
- A certificate of authenticity is provided for each acquired item and can be downloaded from your invoice page.

The buyers' terms and conditions are here.