Can I watch lots without having to bid on them?

you can monitor the buying and bidding status in one convenient place: My Buy-or-Bid Item Watch Watch List.

If you place a bid the item will automatically be added to your My Buy-or-Bid Watch List.
You may also add items to My Buy-or-Bid Watch List without placing a bid. Simply click on the button for each desired item on the bid page or in the catalog. The item is then added to the "My Buy-or-Bid" Watch List and you may add and delete lot numbers at any time.

Item Watch Item Watch
Items that are added to My Buy-or-Bid Watch List have the Icon turned in yellow.
You can delete those items you are no longer interested in by hitting the delete button.

Labels are used to show the Buy or Bid status :
These are samples for an item listed at a Buy price of $ 500 and a BidAsk Spread of $400-500

  • Your Bid: $500 Sold to you
    When you pay the Buy price of $ 500 the item is sold immediately to you and the sale for this item is closed.
  • Your Bid: $400 Accepted
    The BidAsk spread ($400-$500) shows the range between the minimal accepted price and the Buy price. When you place a bid within the spread your bid is automatically accepted by the seller, but the items only sell to you if no higher bid is received or the Buy price is paid prior to the closing.
  • Your Bid: $425 High Bid
    When your bid is within the BidAsk Spread and you are the high bid holder, the items only sell to you if no higher bid is received or the Buy price is paid before the closing.
  • Your Bid: $50 Too Low
    When your bid is below the BidAsk Spread, sellers usually do not accept bids below the BidAsk Spread. Increase your bid to be successful.
  • Your Bid: $450 Outbid
    When your bid has been outbid by another user, increase your bid to be successful.
In short, your label has to stay green to be successful.

IMPORTANT: If you have bid on an item and you remove the item from the"My buy-or-bid" list, this does not delete the bid.
You have to contact us or email ( if you have placed a bid in error.

By registering and bidding in auction, bidders agree to the terms and conditions and understand that they are legally committing to pay for any item where they have made the highest bid in the auction.

If you have placed a bid in error, you will need to contact our office immediately by email or telephone +31 (0)20 2255198 or  +1 (727) 687 3298.
If you have left a message at our answering service, you still need to confirm your cancellation by email at