Starting Bid / Reserve Price / Low & High Estimate

Starting Bid is the amount at which we are starting to accept bids, typically this is under the reserve price.

Reserve Price
This is the price for which the seller is willing, and obligated to sell the item. As a general rule, a reserve price is set at 20% under the low estimate.
If your bid happens to be lower than the "reserve price", the text message (*Reserve not yet met) will be shown.
You have to raise your bid until the "reserve price" is met.
Items are typically not sold under the "reserve price". Please note that only bidders are able to see if their bid happens to be "under reserve".

Items sold without reserve !
Some consignors are selling their items without reserve !
In this case a message "This item is sold without reserve" is shown.
We usually start with one dollar, and the item sells for one dollar or any higher amount at the close of the auction.
Up until 24 hours before the close of the auction our consignors have the option of lowering their reserve, but the new reserve price can not match a Under Reserve Bid.During the last 24 hours, the Reserve Price can no longer be adjusted and the Reserve will be disclosed on your Personal Bid Page /Auction Watch.

Unsold items are no longer available after the auction closing.

'Low and High Estimates" are an indication in which range we think the item will sell.