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consignor center

Buy or Bid Sales
Starting with June 21-28 we are going to sell items in a different format. In these monthly sales, many features stay the same:
- Items will be listed for 7 days but what will change is that
- you will set a buy price (your maximum price) at which amount you are willing to sell the item.
- you no longer add a reserve price.
- During the sale, our visitors may purchase an item at the buy price (maximum price) at any time and the sale for this item has closed.
- If a visitor does not wish to pay the buy price he may also bid/offer lower on any item.
- Again there is no set reserve price so the buyer may offer what he wishes up until the closing of the sale.
- Right after the closing the seller will go over his received offers and decides then which offers he wants to accept.

For the June sale unfortunately we can not accept items from dealers who are not offering items in the Margin scheme and sellers from outside the EU.
Most likely for the September sale we have a solution for these sellers to avoid the administrative burden of the OSS distance selling rules and the additional 21% VAT payable to the hammer price for EU customers.

Please read our extensive comments, tips, and tricks about selling in our Buy or Bid Sales here.