Closing of the auction

Beginning at 3:55 PM EDT U.S.A. the computer will check each item at 5 minutes intervals. If there has been no bidding activity for the last 5 minutes the computer will close the bidding on that item exactly at 6PM.

If there has been a bid in the past 5 minutes, that individual item will remain open, until there have been no bids received for 5 minutes. No matter what the auction has a sudden death 45 minutes after the closing hour. (4.45PM EDT)

A countdown clock is displayed at each item page and shows the remaining bid time left for that item.

Email outbid notification and zoom image are disabled 1 hour prior to the auction closing !

How can I be 100% sure that I remain the high bid holder?
- Remind that items who receive a bid in the last 5 minutes before closing remain open until no bids have been received for 5 minutes.
- My bidpageMy Bid page shows all your winning and losing bids. This page is automatically refreshed every 10 seconds.
- If you are outbid, increase your bid amount, either by the new maximum bid or use the "Instant Bid button". The instant bid function automatically increases your bid with the minimum increase necessary to become the high bidder.
- Check if your user name remains as the bid holder until the message appears "Auction is closed".

- Use Proxy Bidding if you are serious about winning! Your bid will always be reduced to one increment over the next highest bid.
- Put your bid in as early as possible and at least one minute before the closing. Remember that internet connections can fail, and you need to have time for a second try.

The auction operates entirely online without a live floor auction. All bidding is received either online, or by email or telephone.