Closing of the Buy or Bid Sale

Beginning at 3:55 PM Eastern U.S.A. the computer will check each item at 5 minutes intervals. If there has been no bidding activity for the last 5 minutes the computer will close the bidding on that item exactly at 4.00 PM Eastern.
A countdown clock is displayed and shows the remaining bid time left for that item.

Email outbid notification and zoom image are disabled 1 hour prior to the auction closing!

How can I be 100% sure that I remain the high bid holder?
- Remind that items that receive a bid in the last 5 minutes before closing remain open until no bids have been received for 5 minutes.
- My Buy or Bid Watch ListMy Bid page shows all your winning and losing bids. This page is automatically refreshed every 10 seconds.
- Items that receive bids within the BidAsk Spread will be made available to the high bidder after the close of the sale.
- Check if your user name remains as the bid holder until the message appears "Auction is closed".
- Remember that once the Buy price is accepted the sale for this item is closed!

The Buy or Bid sale operates entirely online without a live floor auction.

Labels are used to show your Buy or Bid status :
Sample for an item listed at a Buy price of $ 500 and a BidAsk spread of $400-500

An invoice is available in My Invoice center 2 hours after the auction close and is send by email.