Auction or Gallery status


Paulus Swaen October Auction closing is on October 15th, 2019

Beginning at 5 minutes before the closing the computer will start checking each item and if there has been bidding activity.

If a bid is received that individual item will remain open, until there have been no bids received for 5 minutes.
Items with no bid activity since 5:55 PM will close on 6:00PM. If a bid is received at 5:59 that item will close at 6:04PM.
However the auction has a sudden death closing at 30 minutes after the closing hour. (6.30PM)

A countdown clock is displayed at each item page and shows the remaining bid time left for that item.
Outbid e-mail notification is disabled 30 minutes hours prior to the auction closing !


More info about bidding in the Auction is here !

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