Terms for selling in the Buy-or-Bid sale


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The seller's commission are:
• Lot value up to $ 10,000 - 15% of the hammer price. (EU seller not working in the margin scheme the commission is 18%)
• For electronically consigned items we charge for a lot value up to  $ 10,000 - 12% of the final sale price. (EU seller not working in the margin scheme the commission is 15%)
• EU dealer not working in the margin scheme are advised to contact us for addition VAT charrges.
• Lot value  $ 10,001 up - 8% of the hammer price.
• There is a minimum fee of  $ 15  per lot.
• The minimum individual lot value is  $ 200.
• The commission is only due when the lot sells.

• You will get paid within 30 days after the sale's closing by bank transfer to US$ check.
• Acquisitions may be balanced offset against sales.
• Sellers can set a minimum reserve price - below which their item will not be sold.
• Sellers can accept offers on unsold items up to 2 hours after the Buy-or-Bid sale closes. It is up to the bidder if he finally accepts.
• You are responsible for shipping costs of the item(s) to us, and in-transit insurance. Heavy items like books and atlases can be shipped to the buyer directly and you are reimbursed for the postage.
• In the event an item does not sell, you are also responsible for the return postage and insurance.
• You should maintain insurance of your items while they are in our possession.
• The provided descriptions and images are after the sale used by Paulus Swaen INC for invoicing, certificate printing and sale result publication. You agree to use them for this purpose.


When you register to sell in our Buy-or-Bid sales we may ask you to provide the following documents to verify your identity:
Private individuals
A copy of:
• your passport or other government-issued photo ID; and
• proof of your residential address (such as a bank statement or utility bill) dated within the last three months
You can email your documents to paulus@swaen.com

Dealers and organizations
A copy of formal documents evidencing:
• its registered office and business address;
• its directors and any ultimate beneficial owners; and
• authorization for the individuals allowed to sell on behalf of the company, plus a copy of the government-issued photo ID for each authorized individual.
You can email your corporate documents to paulus@swaen.com.

You may download the written contract here .

By signing this agreement, you agree to all terms contained herein.
Your signature on this agreement is also required for replacement value insurance to be in effect while your items are in Paulus Swaen INC possession.

Please contact us if you have further questions.

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