How to archive an item

Previously listed items that are no longer available in your stock can be Archived. This cleans up the Closed items list so you can concentrate on your unsold items.

You can only archive an item before or after a sale; so not during a running sale. At any moment you can also unarchive that item.

In the list of Scheduled or unsold items, click on the EDIT button. In the bottom, you have to check the Archive field (see image) and then click on Proceed. The item is moved to the Archived Item List.


Archiving multiple items at once in the Unsold Items List.

A / In the search field, you can search by a Lotnumber (1) or by the item title (2) . closed

B/    Once you have found the item(s) you want to Archive you select the little square box to the left of each item. (1)

At the bottom of your screen, a menu will pop up with a Relist or Archive button (2) and an auction period selection menu (3).

ARCHIVE - If you hit the Archive button the selected item(s) will be moved from Closed to Archived. You can use this for items that are no longer available for relisting.