How to add item descriptions


Consignor centerConsignor center
In the Consignor center you can manage your items offered in the current and past sales.


In our monthly Buy or Bid sale items will be listed for 8 days.
- You will set a Buy price (your maximum at which amount you are willing to sell the item).
- You will also set your Accept bid price (reserve/minimum for which amount you are willing to sell the item).
- During the sale, our visitors may purchase an item at the Buy price (maximum price) at any time and the sale for this item has immediately closed.
- A visitor may also bid/offer lower on any item.
- During the sale and 2 hours after the closing, you are able to review your Accept Bid Price and accept received bids.

-  When you decide to accept an offer during the sale, you simply match your Accept Bid Price to the bid, and the bidder(s) and watcher(s) are receiving a status update by email. The item will be listed as "offer accepted" and if no higher offer is received it will be sold for this amount at the closing.
- We advise you to review and update your Accept bid price early and at least a few hours before the closing of the sale.
- When you list an item with Accept Bid Price set at $1 the item will be sold without reserve.

- You are able to see in the consignor center in the Items in this Sale, all received offers, the number of watchers, and the number of times an item was watched and sold items.

For the June sale unfortunately we can not accept items from dealers who are not offering items in the margin scheme and from sellers from outside the EU.
Most likely for the September sale, we have a solution to avoid the administrative burden of the OSS distance selling rules and the additional 21% VAT payable to the hammer price so it will become more interesting (and cheaper)  for EU customers and our international sellers and sellers not in the EU margin scheme to participate.

You can submit items to a Buy or Bid sale up to 2 days before the sale starts.
Choose the link Add item to the next sale.
When you are adding an item you have the option to add the item to the next OR any future sale date.

For each sold item we charge to an EU individual or EU company selling in the margin scheme a 18,15% commission on the hammer price. (Incl VAT)
A reduced rate of 14,52% commission (incl VAT) is charged when you add your item descriptions and images using the online submission form.
The minimum fee for a sold item is euros 15.
If an item does not sell there are no costs involved.

No reserve item
You can sell your items without a reserve price and the item starts at 1$. In this case, the message "This item is sold without reserve" is shown on the item page.
All no reserve items are also listed on the No Reserve items list.
This is our most frequently visited page !

We then start with one dollar, and the item sells for any amount up to the Buy price.

If an item was unsold you can simply relist the item in a future sale. In order to keep our sales interesting for our users, we allow re-listing only for those items which are not offered in the previous two sales.
Your unsold items can be found in your Consignor's Panel by clicking on All Unsold Items.
You re-list items by:
  • selecting all those ones you want to relist
  • In the bottom of the page, you see a dropdown menu with the auction periods and select the period in which you want to offer the selected items. You process per page.
  • Click the "RELIST" button and confirm your choice
  • The items are now visible in the scheduled items list

Please contact us if you have questions.

We need images at a minimum of 2500 pixels wide. Save your jpg-image WITHOUT compression.
We can not emphasize enough the importance of good images! Better images do result in higher bids. An investment in a good High-Resolution camera is paid back quickly.
You might want to check out our recommendations about how to improve your images with some photographing tips.

Additional image
If your item has interesting text on the verso it is a good idea to add an image of the verso. You may add up to 20 additional pictures as you like.
Do not upload separate images of a cartouche or other parts. Please submit one good HR image that bidders can zoom to their liking.

Once the buy or bid sale has started you will find your active items in Your items List. This page shows also the sold items, received offers, and the visitor's hits for each item.
Each item page displays also the number of people who have added this item to their favorites. A good indicator of how popular this item is.

After the closing of the sale, you can see the items you have sold and the received offers in your consignor center Consignor center.

You then have two hours to accept any offer by matching the offer and buy now amount. It is then up to the seller which offers he wants to accept.
If you hold the items you have to send the day following the sale, fully insured, the sold items by DHL, UPS or FedEx to our Amsterdam office.
Include a copy of the packing list and carefully check and mark the items on this list.
Put the lotnumber in percil on the verso of the item in the upper left corner. Remove all other stocknumbers or notes.

Ship to:
Paulus Swaen Europe b.v.
attention Roland Boelen
Pieter Lastmankade 2, 1075 KJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)6 51384297
VAT Nr.: NL862925952B01
EORI Nr : NL862925952

Harmonized Tariff System # for single used printed maps: 4905.99.00.00
Harmonized Tariff System # for atlases: 4905.91.00.00
Harmonized Tariff System # for posters: 4911.91.40.00