Changing descriptions of closed items

How to edit previously added descriptions
If you want to change the description, price, or add additional photographs to an earlier listed item you can do so by clicking on the edit button in the  Open items,  Scheduled items and Awaiting approval.

How to relist a closed item.
In the Closed Items list you can find items that you have added in the past and which you want to relist.

You may relist items in future auctions with 2 auction intervals.

In the search field, you can search by Lot number (1) or by the item title (2) . closed

For those item(s) you want to relist you select the little square box to the left of each item. (1)

At the bottom of your screen, a menu will pop up with a Relist or Archive button (2) and an auction period selection menu (3).

You are able to :

RELIST - By default, the next auction is used. (3) The drop-down menu does give you the option to select any future auction period in 2022.
another option is

- Once you have relisted an item to the next auction you are able to find all the scheduled items following the "Scheduled Next" link.
- If you have scheduled items for future auction periods then you can find these in the list "Future auctions (All)"