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In our monthly "Buy or Bid" sales we offer 1200 - 1800 old maps, prints, posters and medieval manuscripts. Items will be listed for 8 days and you may purchase an item at the Buy price and the sale for this item has closed.
If you do not wish to pay the Buy price you may also Bid lower on any item.
Items that do not sell at their Buy price will be made available at the highest accepted bid after the close of the sale.
So from now on items do not sell for more than the listed price, and you decide the price for which you want to buy an item.

Buying in the BUY-IT-NOW GALLERY
When no auction is active we offer 2000+ fine maps, prints, posters, and medieval manuscripts. The items are available for immediate sale and no commissions will be added to the bill.

META4MAPS.COM Connect your collection
Enjoy and share your maps with your friends and other map collectors! If you are an existing client of Paulus Swaen and you want us to do so, then we are happy to install your gallery free of charge, add some of your historical purchases and add your gallery to the Meta4Maps list.

Join the Every Tuesday metaverse map meeting at 1 PM (EST) or Amsterdam at 21.00.
A one-hour chat meeting with another map enthusiast to discuss the latest discovered maps, rumors, and questions you might have.

Live Chat Support
During weekdays we also have live chat support. Click on the tab in the lower-left corner of your screen for real-time customer service.

Or contact us at our Amsterdam or USA office. We are happy to assist.