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Sri Lanka(Ceylon)
LANGENES, B.,  Maldivae Insulae., antique map, old maps LANGENES, B. - Maldivae Insulae.
Amsterdam / Frankfurt, 1609, Uncoloured.. 85x124mm. Some marginal paper thinness. Paper slightly age toned.
Very fine early miniature map of Maldives Islands. East is at the top. Title cartouche on the lower right corner. A dolphin and two ships are depicted.
First published in 1598 in his Caert-Thresoor, the plates were executed by the most famous engravers in Amsterdam, including Petrus Ka...
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$ 150
Approx. Euro 138  

Condition Rating: 3
ANONYMOUS,  Isola Di Ceylan. (Manuscript map of Sri Lanka), antique map, old maps ANONYMOUS - Isola Di Ceylan. (Manuscript map of Sri Lanka)
Italy, ca. 1750, In original colours.. 260x210mm. Manuscript map in brown ink on paper. In very fine condition.
Manuscript map of Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Inland filled with a good number of place names, mountains. ... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 650
Approx. Euro 598  

Condition Rating: 3