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Magellan/Tierra del Fuego
BLAEU, W.,  Tabula Magellanica., antique map, old maps BLAEU, W. - Tabula Magellanica.
Amsterdam, 1638, In attractive strong original colours.. 410x532mm. In very good near to mint condition. Printed on heavy paper. Very good and dark impression. French text on verso.
A map of South America's extremity with the Strait of Magellan and Le Maire Strait.
The coastlines are depicted as very mountainous, while the interior is completely without detail. Richly arrayed with rhumb lines, three compass roses, a fleet of ships, and the coat of arms and dedication to Co...
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$ 1,500
Approx. Euro 1,260  

Condition Rating: 1
DUMONT D'URVILLE, J.,  Rivage du port Saint-Nicolas., antique map, old maps DUMONT D'URVILLE, J. - Rivage du port Saint-Nicolas.
Paris, 1846, In original colours.. 240x395mm. Exquisite contemporary coloured lithograph, finished with gum Arabic, wide margins. Repaired tear in the upper margin.
Exquisite contemporary colored lithograph of Port Saint-Nicolmas Bay in most southern part of South America, with Dumont D'Urville's officers making landfall. Drawn by E.Goupil, lithographed by Emile Lassalle and Bayot. From the "Atlas Pittoresque" that accompanied the massive volumes Voyage au p... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 300
Approx. Euro 252  

Condition Rating: 3