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MONTANUS, A.,  Guiana sive Amazonum Regio., antique map, old maps MONTANUS, A. - Guiana sive Amazonum Regio.
Amsterdam, 1673, Uncoloured.. 284x361mm. Margins cut close. Left and right margin cut to neat line. Some age-toning of the paper. Dark imprint. Repair of a split lower part center fold, 4cm. Into engraved area.
Map of Guiana and Amazon extending westwards to Trinidad and Margarita Island, dominated by a huge inland sea north of the Amazon.
Embellished with decorative title and scale cartouches, as well as a compass rose....
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$ 250
Approx. Euro 230  

Condition Rating: 3
RAIF EFENDI,  Guyana, Surinam, Amapa., antique map, old maps RAIF EFENDI - Guyana, Surinam, Amapa.
Üsküdar (Istanbul), 1803, In original colours.. 520x608mm. Paper slightly browned as usual. Some marginal water staining. A dark impression, generally good.
Very rare Ottoman printed map of Guyana, Suriname and Amapa. With Trinidad, inset map of the mouth of the Rivers Essequibo, Courantyne, Suriname with Paramaribo, etc.
From Cedid Atlas Tercümesi or New Translation of the Atlas , printed 1218 H. or 1803 in Üsküdar, a part of Ist...
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$ 1,750
Approx. Euro 1,610  

Condition Rating: 3
BUCHON, J.A.,  Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique de la Guyane., antique map, old maps BUCHON, J.A. - Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique de la Guyane.
Paris, 1825, In original colours.. 450x610mm. In mint condition. Wide margins etc.
A nice detailed map of Guyana from Buchon's Atlas Gégraphique Statistique, historique et chronologique des deux Ameriques et des isles adjacentes traduit de l'atlas exécuté en Amerique d'aprés Lesage, avec des nombreuses corrections et augmentations, Paris 1825. An elegant Parisian publicati... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 100
Approx. Euro 92  

Condition Rating: 1