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Ostend Company
OSTEND COMPANY,  Very rare share in the Ostend Company. (4527), antique map, old maps OSTEND COMPANY - Very rare share in the Ostend Company. (4527)
Antwerp / Ostend 1723, Uncoloured.. 320x200mm. Copper engraving and manuscript on paper. Small piece of paper reinforced due to ink oxidation.
Upper left hand corner share number 4527 in manuscript. In top emblem of the Ostend Company in copper engraving. Text: De Directeurs van de generale Keijserlijche- Indische compagnie, ordoneren aen hunnen cassier 'joan Baptist Cogels junior, te ontvangen van D'Heer Ferdinand Anthoin Baron ... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 2,000
Approx. Euro 1,820  

Condition Rating: 2
DREVON,  Les environs d'Ostende. XII., antique map, old maps DREVON - Les environs d'Ostende. XII.
Belgium, c. 1811, Uncoloured.. 322x440mm. Pen and ink with water colour. Paper mounted on card board. Paper slightly age-toned.
Beautiful view of Oostende. A somewhat fanciful depiction of the harbor of Oostende, with merchant on the foreground and large vessels in the sea. The item is signed (Drevon), and dated (1811) in the lower right corner.

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$ 750
Approx. Euro 683  

Condition Rating: 5