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ORTELIUS, A. / VRIENTS, J.B.,  Limburgensis Ducatus Tabula Nova., antique map, old maps ORTELIUS, A. / VRIENTS, J.B. - Limburgensis Ducatus Tabula Nova.
Antwerp, 1606-1612, Coloured.. 395x485mm. Very good condition. Latin text on verso. Page number 41* (not mentioned in van den Broecke)
Map of Limburg, prepared by the Antwerp expert in law and mathematics Aegidius Martini. After 1600 Jan Baptist Vrients acquired the stock and the plates of Ortelius' Theatrum. In 1603 he published his first atlas of the Netherlands, compiled of the sheets of the Theatrum. In 1608 he added 8 new maps... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 1,000
Approx. Euro 910  

Condition Rating: 2
DANCKERTS II, C.,  Ducatus Limburg., antique map, old maps DANCKERTS II, C. - Ducatus Limburg.
Amsterdam, 1636, In original o/l colours.. 382x483mm. Printed on thin paper. Very good condition. Paper little bit wringled. No text on verso.
A very rare issue of this map of Limburg. Cornelis Danckerts II. copied the folio map of H.Hondius.
The publisher's address was placed in the lower right-hand corner. The cartouches are mirror-imaged copies from Hondius' maps of Charleroi and Namur.
No atlases by Danckerts are known: this ...
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$ 750
Approx. Euro 683  

Condition Rating: 3
BLAEU, W.,  Fossa Sanctae Mariae., antique map, old maps BLAEU, W. - Fossa Sanctae Mariae.
Amsterdam, 1645, In attractive strong original colours.. 385x505mm. In mint condition. Dark impression, printed on heavy paper. Latin text on verso.
Detailed map of part of the country between rivers Rhine and Meuse showing a canal to be dug between 1626 and 1628 between Rheinberg in Germany and Venlo. A deficiency of financial means combined with the seizure of 's-Hertogenbosch (1629) and Venlo (1632) by the Spanish army delivered the death-blo... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 400
Approx. Euro 364  

Condition Rating: 1
Limburg cities
SCHEDEL, H.,  Sexta Etas Mundi. Folium. CCXVII (dancers of Maastricht)., antique map, old maps SCHEDEL, H. - Sexta Etas Mundi. Folium. CCXVII (dancers of Maastricht).
Nuremberg, 12 July 1493, Coloured.. 445x305mm. Some marginal water staining. Small paper strip pasted on lower left margin. Dark impression on large sheet. Else good condition.
Latin text page with woodcuts of male Siamese twins, a man headed lion. The large illustration is the only illustration related to the Netherlands : it shows a bridge collapsing under a group of dancers at Maastricht (118 x 155mm.) The story is that the dancers did not obey respect to a passi... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 450
Approx. Euro 410  

Condition Rating: 2
AVELINE, P.A.,  Mastric ou MaŽstricht, Ville du Brabant-Hollandois. . ., antique map, old maps AVELINE, P.A. - Mastric ou MaŽstricht, Ville du Brabant-Hollandois. . .
Paris, ca.1692, Uncoloured.. 189x305mm. Good and dark impression, laid down on paper. Paper slightly browned.
A very decorative and extremely raretown-viewof Maastricht, including a numbered key (1-23) in lower part. Engraved by Pierre-Alexandre Aveline. With "Fait par Aveline avec priv. du Roy" in lower margin.

Pierre Aveline (Paris, c.1656 - 23 May 1722), was an en...
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$ 900
Approx. Euro 819  

Condition Rating: 2
LE ROUGE,G.L.,  Mastricht avec les Attaques Leve sur les Lieux en Juin 1748. A Paris chez Le Sr. Le Rouge., antique map, old maps LE ROUGE,G.L. - Mastricht avec les Attaques Leve sur les Lieux en Juin 1748. A Paris chez Le Sr. Le Rouge.
Paris, 1748, Coloured.. 315x469mm. With slight water stain marks in lower part map. Dark impression.
A rare separate published plan of Maastricht by G. L. le Rouge. Showing the fortified city with important buildings named. With a key from A to X, a mileage scale and a compass rose.... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 850
Approx. Euro 774  

Condition Rating: 2