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Central Africa
CORONELLI, V.M.,  Bocche del Fiume Negro et Isole di Capo Verde., antique map, old maps CORONELLI, V.M. - Bocche del Fiume Negro et Isole di Capo Verde.
Venice, 1690, Uncoloured.. 455x605mm. In very good condition.
Double-page engraved map of the Cape Verde Islands and part of the coast of Senegal, with large decorative cartouche. One with inset of the island Goree.
During three centuries, a large number of Africans where reduced to slavery and shipped, from the island of Goree on direction to the Americ...
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$ 1,500
Approx. Euro 1,275  

Condition Rating: 3
West coast / Ivory Coast
HONDIUS, J. / PURCHAS, S.,  Guinea., antique map, old maps HONDIUS, J. / PURCHAS, S. - Guinea.
London, 1645, Uncoloured.. 148x182mm. Right hand side unfortunately running of the page, as issued. With a English text on recto and verso. A good and dark impression.
Samuel Purchas' edition of the Mercator/Hondius Atlas Minor . Map of Guinea published in his famous collection of voyages His Pilgrimes . With descriptive text in English on both sides. Size of paper: 32x21cm.
Jodocus Hondius' map of Guinea is probably the most attractive map of thi...
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$ 230
Approx. Euro 196  

Condition Rating: 3
DE WIT, F.,  Tractus Littorales Guineae a Promontorio Verde usque ad sinum Catenbelae., antique map, old maps DE WIT, F. - Tractus Littorales Guineae a Promontorio Verde usque ad sinum Catenbelae.
Amsterdam, 1675, In original attractive colours.. 490x567mm. A few places underlaid due to oxidation of green paint, only for protective reason. General in good condition.
Chart of the West coast of Africa from Mauritania up to Angola. In top centre a very decorative title cartouche.... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 1,000
Approx. Euro 850  

Condition Rating: 4
SCHENK, P. / VALK, G.,  Genehoa Jaloffi et Sierraliones regna., antique map, old maps SCHENK, P. / VALK, G. - Genehoa Jaloffi et Sierraliones regna.
Amsterdam, 1670 / 1720, In original body colours.. 410x492mm. In very good condition. Repair of a tiny hole in upper center fold due to oxidation of paint.
Decorative and detailed map of the West African Coast, from Senegal to Sierra Leone. In the center the river Gambia to the mouth in the Atlantic. Upper left a dedication to Adriaen Pauw (1622-1697).

Decorative cartouches, rhumblines, sailing ships and other decorative features embellish ...
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$ 600
Approx. Euro 510  

Condition Rating: 2
East coast
EŞREF, Mehmet,  [Ethiopia / Abyssinia - map with Ottoman script], antique map, old maps EŞREF, Mehmet - [Ethiopia / Abyssinia - map with Ottoman script]
Istanbul, Şirket-i Mürettibiye ve Karacoğlu Matbaas&#, In printed colours.. 130x92mm. Chromolithography on thick paper. Sheet size : 11 x 15 cm (4.3 x 5.9 inches). Short left margin.
Post card size map in Ottoman script of Ethiopia from Mehmet Eşref’s ‘Küçük Atlas’, a rare portfolio of loose-leaf maps with text in Ottoman Turkish, published in Istanbul in 1909.
This is a fine little Ottoman map of Ethiopia, embracing the entire territory of that proud nation, the...
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$ 150
Approx. Euro 128  

Condition Rating: 3