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Paulus Swaen and New World Cartographic (Chicago) have joined forces to offer more Americana, posters, ephemera and other rare papers!
From the RarePaperSales Catalog of this unique Buy-or-Bid Sale, you can buy or bid on hundreds of fine, rare paper items and never pay more than the Buy price.

In our BUY-or-BID sale, you never pay more than the Buy price.

Rare Paper Sales
1200 W. 35th Street, #425
Chicago, IL 60609, USA
tel. : (312) 496 - 3622
email : @

Paulus Swaen Old Maps and Prints
Clearwater, USA - Amsterdam NL
tel. USA +1 727 687 3298
tel. NL +33 (0)6 27839704
email : @

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Amsterdam respresentative

Paulus Swaen Representative in Amsterdam — We a represebntative in Amsterdam to better serve our European buyers and sellers.

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Now being been in the rare map business for 43 years and successfully organizing online auctions for 28 years I think it is time to explore other ways of selling old maps in an online format.

Being strangled by the costs (OSS, paperwork, bureaucracy, rules, processes, Brexit,  the difficulties in shipping items internationally in a secure, fast, reliable, and economical way have made the formula no longer profitable and organizable to deliver a good customer experience.