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This item was published in Antwerp, 1592  size is 13.2. x .18.3 inches. (or 33.5. x .46.5 cm.)    In very good to fine condition. Wide margins.
The Chaves map of Florida is a prime example of an explorer's map since it records the recent discoveries of Cabeza de Vaca, De Soto, and Moscoso. The map revealed little information on the interior of North America, but the details presented have been definitely linked with known features. The village of Aijx undoubtedly became known to the Spaniards as Ais, and the Mississippi, though distorted, appeared as the R.de S.Spiritu , the name given it by early Spanish explorers.
Tascalisa lies on the map as closely as possible to where today's Tuscaloosa, Alabama is. The Chaves map published by Ortelius was, therefore, one of the earliest printed maps of the territory based on actual observations. -Martin & Martin: Maps of Texas and the Southwest.
The first printed map of the Florida region. Also on the same sheet are maps of eastern Mexico and of Peru, thus completing the picture of Spain's American possessions.  Cumming, Southeast, p.12,#5:v.d.Broecke 15.

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