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Hong Kong


One of the earliest maps of Hong Kong and immediate surrroundngs "Carte d'une partie des Côtes de la Chine et des Isles adjacentes depuis l'Isle nommée la Pierre Blanche, jusqu'à celle de l'Artimon." was published in a French maritime atlas by Jean-Baptiste D'Apres de Mannevillette, in Paris/Brest, 1775.
This most important milestone chart was based upon the surveys made from navigational surveys and soundings in 1754, 1759, and 1760 by Alexander Dalrymple. Dalrymple's chart was published by his friend and French colleague, Jean-Baptiste D'Apres de Mannevillette in his later editions of the "Neptune Orientale". The chart extends from just West of Macao which is shown as is the Bocca. Tigris narrows on the Pearl River to the North. Prominently shown are the islands around present-day Hong Kong with Lantao and Lamma both identified. Hong Kong island is shown and identified as Fanchinchow with its island nature only tentatively shown. The promontories of Stanley Peak and D'Agular Peaks both tentatively shown in dotted outline. D' Après de Mannevillette (1707-1780) was a famous French sailor and hydrographer. During a voyage to China in 1728 he succeeded in correcting the latitudes of many places using new instruments. Back in France he devised a plan to correct and publish all the existing maps of the route to China: the Red Sea, the coasts of India, Malaya, the northern parts of Indonesia, Indochina and China. When the first edition of his Atlas Le Neptune Oriental (containing only 22 charts) was published in 1745, it was regarded as a major achievement and a library indispensable to navigators. In 1775 a second enlarged edition was published including this chart of Hong Kong.

Sir Edward BELCHER
The first nautical chart of Hong Kong, engraved by J. & C. Walker, is based on the observations of Sir Edward Belcher, a British naval officer and explorer.
Belcher entered the royal navy in 1812. In 1836, Edward Belcher was appointed by the Admiralty to the command of the H.M.S. Sulphur and the H.M.S. Starling, which resulted in his voyage around the world. He distinguished himself highly while on this adventure, and consequently, he became famous. On January 26, 1841, Edward Belcher and his men were the first of the British fleet to land on Possession Point at the north shore of Hong Kong for the British Crown. He made the first British survey of Hong Kong harbour.

Pearl River by Sir Edward Belcher and Captain Rees.
By July 1831 J.W. Norie published a chart stretching from north to south from Canton (Guangzhou) to Canzhou Island, and west to east from Dashi Bay to Hong Kong. It was a heavenly revised & corrected edition of Edward Belcher's chart, who surveyed the waters in 1840 (published by the Admiralty in 1846). The chart included an inset of Pearl River segment from the Whampoa pagoda to See Chow and in the lower left an inset chart of the Bay of Cum-Sing-Moon, from a survey by Captain Rees in 1833, has been added.
Hong Kong and the Island of Lamma have been redrawn with Victoria named, and mountains, and bays marked. The extensive descriptive text remains unaltered. Chinese characters have been added to denote place names.

Shortly after the acquisition of Hong Kong Island, in 1842, a survey was undertaken by the Royal Engineers. The map produced was on the scale of 4 inches to the mile. It was dated 1845, and bears the name of Lieut. Collinson, R.E. It was, till 1900 the only available survey map of the Island. At the time this survey was made there was little else to show on a map of the Island but the hills and water-courses.
The growth of the City of Victoria produced a demand for maps on a scale large enough to show tire different properties and streets. This map was made on the scale of 160 feet to the inch and from 186o onwards passed through several editions.

Across the water, Kowloon Peninsula was not acquired till 186o, and so was not included in the Collinson survey. In the 1880's and 1890' when the development of the Peninsula had commenced and public works were contemplated, a survey of this district was undertaken by what was then known as the Water and Drainage Department (since merged in the P.W.D.).
A good map was produced to a scale of 1/2500. Continued building development on the Peninsula soon put this map out of date, and it was followed by a new map, produced by the survey branch of the P.W.D. on the scale of 200 feet to the inch. Contours were not shown on either of these maps, and, considering the way hills are removed and holes filled·in at Kowloon, contours would be of no permanent value as showing the topography.

The New Territory was leased in 1898.
Before that date the only available large scale map of the district was one made by Italian missionaries. This map was on the scale of 1 inch to the mile. The outline was taken from British Naval Charts. It covered the whole of the San On Dimict, thus includ ing Hong Kong, the New Territory and a considerable area to the north. It was printed in English and Chinese. Several of the villages were out of place and the physical featu res were poorly shown, but it was a useful map in its day.
On the acquisition of the New Territory, one of the first undertakings of the Government was the making of a survey of the district. It was to be mainly what is known as a "cadastral" survey i.e. a large scale survey of occupied land for the purpose of fixing its ownership and as a basis for taxation. The detail field work was done by Indian Surveyors under the guidance of two European officers, supplied by the Survey of India. When this Cadastral survey was completed it was though t that a topographical map should also be made. The proportion of cu ltivated land in the Ter­ ritory (about one-sixth of the tota l area) was so small that the cadastral maps showed large blank spaces between small pa tches of surveyed land. These blank spaces however were ro some extent occupied by trig. stations, and with their help the intervening hills were sUtched in. The map pro9uced was on the scale of 2 inches to the mile. The hills were shown by contours 100 feet apart.

The following collection of 30 maps, prints and publications is for sale at $ 25,000.00



MAYERS, Fred / Dennys, N.B.  The Treaty Ports of China and Japan. A Complete Guide to the Open Ports of Those countries, together with Peking, Yedo, Hongkong and Macao forming a Guide Book & Vade Mecum for Travellers, Merchants, and Residents in General. Trubner and Co. / A. Shortrede and Co. London / Hong Kong. 1867. In original printed colours. 225x145mm. 28 folding maps, one fold-out illustration "Japanese Coinage" and one page "Reference to Map of Peking" complete as called for in the Table of Contents "List of Maps etc," indices, appendices, viii+668+26pp, cloth-covered boards with leather corners and gilted spine.

First and only edition. As trade between the East and the West grew in the mid-nineteenth century, increasing numbers of Westerners travelled to China and Japan, and in 1867 this guide to the key port cities such as Hong Kong and Nagasaki was published in both Hong Kong and London.
Its editor, Nicholas Belfield Dennys (?1813-1899) claimed it was the first such comprehensive handbook printed for public distribution. Intended for visitors and new residents, the guide was originally typeset in China, allowing place names and other words to be printed in Chinese characters. The specially commissioned maps were also engraved in China.
The book includes physical descriptions and brief histories of over twenty cities, details of schools and libraries, population statistics and much practical information, as well as a list of other publications on China and Japan. It is a valuable historical source on East Asia during a period of rapid change.   ( Ref: 32165) 



LAUNAY, A.  Mission du Kouang-Ton. Lille, 1890. In original printed colours. 268x418mm. Coloured lithography. Paper very slightly age toned. Accompanied by one page description of the region in French.


Important map of the coast of China from Hainan, Hong Kong, Macao up to Shantou, prepared by Adrien Launay, who was a French Missionary and later chronicler of the history of the French Missions in Indo-China at end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Centuries. His work became a primary reference for many future historians.
From "Atlas des Missions de la Société des Missions-Etrangères", published in Lille by Société de Saint Augustin Desclée de Brouwer et Cie.

Adrien Launay entered the Seminary of the Paris "Missions étrangères" in 1874.
He left for Cochina on April 5 of the same year. In 1879, he was responsible for the district Cai-de and Cai-thia. After he went ill he stayed some time in Hong Kong and was obliged in 1882 to return to France.

Father Launay requested to resign the mission in 1884, but this was denied.
Ten years later he published "Table analytique" in 12 volumes and "Table alphabétique" in 4 volumes.
In parallel with this work, he wrote many books on the history of the Société des Missions étrangères, general history and various special missions.
It also published the "Atlas des Missions de la Société des Missions-Etrangères".

He went to India in 1896, then made ??a trip to China in 1898. He returned to France in 1899, and then resumed his work. He continues to publish many books. He left the seminary in Paris in December 1926. He died April 21, 1927.

The Société des Missions Étrangères de Paris (Society of Foreign Missions of Paris) was established between 1658-1663 when the Jesuit Father Alexandre de Rhodes, back from Vietnam and asking for the dispatch of numerous missionaries to the Far East.
In the 350 years since its foundation, the institution has sent more than 4.200 missionary priests to Asia and North America, with the mission of adapting to local customs, establishing a native clergy, and keeping close contacts with Rome.   ( Ref: 33334) 

BRITISH ADMIRALTY  CHINA - HONGKONG surveyed by Captn. Sir Edward Belcher, in H.M.S. Sulphur 1841. Corrected to 1901. London, 1841 - 1901. Uncoloured. 605x917mm. Very good to mint condition.

Nautical chart of Hong Kong. Engraved by J. & C. Walker, it is based on the observations of Sir Edward Belcher, a British naval officer and explorer.
Belcher entered the royal navy in 1812. In 1825 he accompanied Frederick William Beechey's expedition to the Pacific as a surveyor on board the bomb vessel HMS Sulphur. In 1841 the Commander Belcher landed on Possession Point at the north shore Hong Kong Island and made the first British survey of Hong Kong harbour. ¤   ( Ref: 32166) 

HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE.  Hong Kong Sea chart Washington DC, 1905. In original printed colours. 685x1015mm. In good condition.

Hong Kong waters west page N°2221.   ( Ref: 34940) 


BARTHOLOMEW, J.  Plan of the city of Victoria Hong Kong. 1913. In original printed colours. 134x435mm. Good condition.

Detailled plan of Hong Kong.   ( Ref: 33012) 


WA (SUNG SUNG CHUN)  Hong Kong. Hong Kong, Tungar Printing co, Ltd, ca. 1924. In original printed colours. 450x635mm. Colour printed map, with remains of old folds, some pin point holes on crossings of folds. Signed (possibly stamped) lower left. Very good condition.

A topographical map of Hong Kong, Lamma Island, Po Toi, the Kowloon Peninsula, and the eastern tip of Lantau Island, on a scale of 1 3/8 inches to a mile, titled above, text in English and Chinese, large compass rose lower left, colour-printed map by the South China Lithographic Press, Hong Kong, Saiyingpun School, c.1924. The Saiyingpun Anglo-Chinese School, founded in 1879, was merged into the new King's College when it was established in 1926. The South China Lithographic Press had been bought from the South China Morning Post, of which it was a subsidiary, in 1922, by Sum Wai-yau, who went on to found the first quality Chinese-language newspaper, Wah Kiu Yat Po, or Overseas Chinese Daily, in 1925. Hal Empson. Mapping Hong Kong, A Historical Atlas. Plate 2-11. (1)  ( Ref: 37524) 


N.T FERNANDES & FLIHOS  Include a trip to Macao in your round the world tour. Macao, 1930. In original printed colours. 228x105mm. In very good condition.

Documentation dedicated to tourism in Macao. Inside, 5 maps and 18 litle photographs to guide people to different places to visit.   ( Ref: 40292) 


WAR OFFICE.  China. London, 1942. In original printed colours. 765x910mm. Good condition.

Map of China. Map with legend and scale.   ( Ref: 33022) 

War Office.  Hong Kong. London, 1943. In original printed colours. 660x810mm. Good condition.

Map of Hong Kong. Map with legend and scale.   ( Ref: 33019) 

WAR OFFICE AND AIR MINISTRY.  Hong Kong and Lema Islands. London, 1945. In original printed colours. 800x1008mm. Good condition.

Detailled Map of Victoria Harbor. Map with legend and scale.   ( Ref: 33028) 

WAR OFFICE  Hong Kong . . . 1948. In original printed colours. 195x367mm. In good condition.

Map of centered on Hong Kong and islands around, with a small map (65mm x 105mm) in the upper right corner, of general south east Asia.   ( Ref: 42334) 

ABERCROMBIE, P.  Hong Kong Preliminary planning report. London, 1948. In original colours. 245x170mm. Good condition.

Complete with three large foldout plans. Prompted by the surge of housing demande after WWII, Abercrombie, English town planner, was commissionned by the Hong Kong government to produce this Preliminary Planning Report (otherwise known as the Abercrombie report. This concise report provided fundamental planning concepts to the decision makers, and marks the beginning of town planning in Hong Kong. An important document on the urban development of Hong Kong. Including three plans : Plan to accompany sir Patrick Abercrombie report on Hong Kong density of population. Plan to illustrate sir Patrick Abercrombie report on Hong Kong. Plan to accompany sir Patrick Abercrombie report on Hong Kong recreation areas.   ( Ref: 33009) 


ANONYMOUS  Sun Ya Hotel … ca. 1950. In original printed colours. 393x535mm. In good condition.

Tourism and shopping plan of Hong Kong, on recto and verso, with advertising insert.   ( Ref: 41205) 

War Office.  Hong Kong and the new territories London, 1952. In original printed colours. 640x880mm. Good condition.

Map of Hong Kong.   ( Ref: 33018) 

DAVIS, S-G.  The geology of Hong Kong. The Government Printer, Hong Kong, 1952. In original colours. 235x170mm. Good condition. Size of book block 235 x 170mm.

Illustrated and complete with 3 folding maps(300 x 400mm). A general map, the geology of Hong Kong, Hong Kong the location of minerals.

   ( Ref: 33017) 


YATES, Helen-Eva.  Shopping and sightseeing in Hong kong. Hong Kong, 1952. In original printed colours. 190x134mm. Good condition. Including plan of Hong Kong 385 cm x 480mm.

Descriptive book of Hong Kong, including pictures and plan.

   ( Ref: 33015) 


DEPOT GENERAL DE LA MARINE  Carte de la mer de Chine (3ème feuille) . . . 1953. In original printed colours. 600x895mm. In good condition. Wide margins.

Sea map N° 1434 chart depicting the China Sea prepared by the French Ingenieur L.Manen. The Chart is updated for the year 1853, and must have served the French during the Sino-French War of 1883-1885.
   ( Ref: 42335) 


WAR OFFICE.  Hong Kong. London, 1955. In original printed colours. 660x805mm. Good condition.

Map of Hong Kong. Map with legend and scale.   ( Ref: 33024) 


ORIENT PUBLISHING CO.  Welcome to Hong Kong with the compliments of servicemen's guides . . . Hong Kong, 1955. Colour printed. 373x520mm. In good condition.

Hong Kong Servicemen's Guide Safety Guide Restaurants Stores Map. On the recto, an aerial plan of Hong Kong and part of Kowloon, and on the verso a detailed list of different types of stores and services.

   ( Ref: 40315) 


ORIENT PUBLISHING CO.  Welcome to Hong Kong. Hong Kong, 1955. Coloured. 375x520mm. In excellent condition. Folds, slightly age toned, light offset. One small tear at fold. Margins slim.


A delightful folding booklet of Hong Kong, produced as a 'Welcome to Hong Kong', with the compliments of Servicemen's Guides, and proudly sponsored by The American Community of Hong Kong.
When fully opened, one side of the booklet has a plan of downtown Hong Kong, and of neighboring Kowloon, complete with lettered key of 'Places of Note' (A-S) and a comprehensive numbered 'Theatre Guide' (1-17). There is also an inset plan of (Central) Down Town Area [as] enlarged, with 'Approved Restaurants', and an inset table of all local Transportation, along with the addresses and telephone numbers of U.S. Officials, for example: The American Consulate, Army Liason, Naval Attache etc.
There is a small pictorial map of the island of Hong Kong and a couple of papragraphs labelled "A Word About Hong Kong."

The verso of the booklet has an alphabetical list places you may like to visit (Music Stores, Churches, Tailors), or may need (Police and Shore Patrol, Opticians, Tours etc). There is even a handy Conversion Table of U.S Dollars to H.K. Dollars. If you were travelling to, or stationed to Hong Kong from America in the mid 1950's, this little booklet would have proved indispensable!

   ( Ref: 42239) 


THE HONG KONG GOVERNMENT PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE  Welcome to Hong Kong. London, ca 1955. Colour printed. 375x520mm. 50 pages booklet, with maps and photographs. In excellent condition.

A delightful folding booklet of Hong Kong. When fully opened, one side of the booklet has a plan of Hong Kong, and of neighboring Kowloon, complete with lettered key of 'Places of Note' (1 - 24). There is also an plan of Central District, Victoria at the end.
If you were travelling to, or stationed to Hong Kong from America in the mid 1950's, this little booklet would have proved indispensable!   ( Ref: 42325) 


Graphic press LTD.  Graphic's map of Hong-Kong. 1956. In original printed colours. 185x129mm. Good condition.


Descriptive book of Hong Kong, with alphabetical index. Including plan 500 x 730mm.    ( Ref: 33016) 

ANONYMOUS  Map of Hong Kong . . . ca. 1960. In original printed colours. 393x535mm. In good condition.

Tourism and shopping plan of Hong Kong, on recto and verso, with advertising insert. Including the key to places of interest, excursions, transportation and the beaches activities offers. In total, five maps of Honk Kong or area.   ( Ref: 42332) 


DEFENSE MAPPING AGENCY HYDROGRAPHIC CENTER.  Asia south coast Victoria Harbor and approaches. London, 1976. In original printed colours. 810x1008mm. Good condition.

Detailled Map of Victoria Harbor. Map with legend and scale.   ( Ref: 33029) 

BRITISH SURVEY.  South China sea Western approaches to Victoria Harbor. London, 1978. In original printed colours. 795x1005mm. Good condition.

Detailled Map of Victoria Harbor. Map with legend and scale.   ( Ref: 33026) 


BRITISH SURVEY.  South China sea Western approaches to Victoria Harbor. London, 1978. In original printed colours. 785x1008mm. Good condition.

Detailled Map of Victoria Harbor. Map with legend and scale.   ( Ref: 33025) 


ANONYMOUS  Hong Kong . In original printed colours. 134x435mm. Good condition.

Detailled plan of Hong Kong.   ( Ref: 33011) 


CHINA TRAVEL SERVICE  The map of Hongkong & Kowloon. . Uncoloured. 175x190mm. Good and dark impression.

Map of Hongkong & Kowloon, on the verso several railway schedule boards.   ( Ref: 41674) 


EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENTS CORP.  (Hong Kong) Hong Kong. New York, 1968. In printed colours. 560x735mm. Folding map in very good condition.

A large educational map for the islands showing the major towns and placenames as it was. A simple timeline at the bottom starts from migrants arriving from north China sometime around 2000 B.C., and ending in 1961 with "Population explodes to more than 3,000,000" , its population today well doubles that.   ( Ref: 41206) 



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