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La Gazette du Bon Ton

The "Gazette du bon ton" was published from November 1912 to summer 1915 and from January 1920 through December 1925. The complete run consisted of twelve volumes. The "Gazette" featured elegant fashions of pre- and postwar France by leading designers, utilizing the technique that revolutionized fashion illustration—pochoir, or stenciling by hand with watercolor.

It employed many of the most famous Art Deco artists and illustrators of the day, including Georges Lepape, Georges Barbier, Etienne Drian, Erté (Romain de Tirtoff), Paul Iribe, Pierre Brissaud, André Edouard Marty, Thayaht (Ernesto Michahelles), Georges Lepape, Edouard Garcia Benito, Soeurs David (David Sisters), Pierre Mourgue, Robert Bonfils, Bernard Boutet de Monvel, Maurice Leroy, and Zyg Brunner.
These artists, rather than simply drawing models in outfits, depicted them in various dramatic and narrative situations.

Some samples of prints from "La Gazette du Bon"

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